Friday, July 12, 2013

Two-Day Regional Rainfall Totals -OR- John Foster Dulles and John Kerry Are All Wet

Updated 805PM 7/13/2013 for complete July 12th rainfall numbers (see below).

OK, then, here is a Friday evening update, except it is mostly just to note the area-wide rainfall amounts in last night's deluge that hit about half of the area.

Updated 805PM 7/13/2013: The precipitation stats are updated to reflect the full calendar day of July 12th. Only 0.01" adjustments were required for KIAD and KBWI.

Below are the precipitation totals for the three regional airport climate stations: Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (KDCA); Washington Dulles International Airport (KIAD); and Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (KBWI) as well as the Maryland Science Center (KDMH) for 7/11; 7/12 through 5PM EDT (updated for full calendar day); two-day totals (through 5PM); and monthly, seasonal summer, and year-to-date totals, departures, and 30-year normals (except for KDMH, which has no full-period climate normal yet).  (I may tomorrow update this for the full day total.)

Doppler radar estimate of precipitation for central Maryland and northern Virginia including the D.C. and Baltimore metropolitan areas for the 24 hours ending mid-morning (time uncertain) July 12, 2013.  Click on image for larger version. The green shadings range from 1" to 2.5" while the orange and red are 4.0" to 8.0".


7/11: Trace
7/12: 1.39"
Two-day: 1.39"
Month: 2.96" +1.48" (1.48")
Since June 1st: 12.93" +7.67" (5.26")
Year: 25.51" +4.29" (21.22")
Last year through 7/12: 14.69"

7/11: 3.71" (Daily Record* and Extreme Event for Month+)
7/12: 1.14"
Two-day: 4.85"
Month: 5.76" +4.34" (1.42")
Since June 1st: 10.40" +5.00" (5.40")
Year: 24.39" +2.17" (22.22")
Last year through 7/12: 15.07"

*/+The 3.71" at KIAD on 7/11 was not only a daily record -- blowing away the 1.12" set on July 11, 1977 -- but also a monthly daily record, surpassing the 3.50" set on July 27, 1994. True, KIAD's climate period only goes back to 1963, but still.

7/11: 0.22"
7/12: 0.66"
Two-day: 0.88"
Month: 1.90" +0.41" (1.49")
Since June 1st: 9.71" +4.76" (4.95")
Year: 23.57" +1.59" (21.98")
Last year through 7/12: 13.75"

KBWI really missed out on this one, although the radar estimates show that just south of there had a lot of rain.

7/11: 0.23"
7/12: 0.94"
Two-day: 1.17"
Month: 1.77" +0.04" (1.73")
Since June 1st: 10.45" +5.45" (5.00")
Year: 24.61" +3.52" (21.09")
Last year through 7/12: 12.57"


Today was an unusually one: overcast gray and showery and quite cool day with highs only around 75F (specifically, 76F at KDCA, 75F at KIAD, 73F at KBWI, and 76F during daytime hours at KDHM) except it was / is so humid that it didn't feel cool.

The Sterling (LWX) county warning area (CWA) NWS advisories in effect as of 5:26PM EDT July 12, 2013. The bright green ones were flood warnings for small streams and rivers rather than flash flood warnings (none in effect at the time). The larger dark green is a flash flood watch, which has since been dropped.


Batches of residual showers move in from the northeast as a retrograde pattern remains in place. A quasi-stationary boundary remains along the Eastern Seaboard with a surface low over southern Delaware and an upper level low over West Virginia. Meanwhile, a Bermuda high over the western Atlantic that will slowly retrograde westward. Westward of the frontal boundary, a deep northeasterly / easterly flow remains in place. In short, this is like a March / early April pattern, though obviously considerably warmer. 

This is a rainy evening scene -- but not in this Washington (D.C.) but rather in Occidental Square (park) in Seattle, Washington.


Skies partially cleared around 630PM across the D.C. area but it is clouding back up. However, there really is no organized precipitation nearby at this time, and most of the flood related advisories have been dropped.


My week turned out fine despite all the worries at the outset and during. I do want note that I had YET ANOTHER issue with the Salon website in which that badly commercially cluttered site -- the essence of Wall-P and HG's awful universes, one for corporate scams and the other for internet garbage -- had some sort of harmful-ware garbage on it. In the end, nothing came of it (and I told the IT department.)

When I went to a particular article, and I was suddenly being transported to a site that would get one not only fired but place in America's deadly penal archipelago for many years (and probably killed). The URL was beyond comprehension, and I find it hard to believe that this could even be on a legitimate site.

So for that reason, I must bid adieu to Salon, a site I have read for years. True, I love reading Michael Lind (though I can still get some of his pieces here), David Sirota, Alex Pareene, and the rare Patrick Smith, not to mention some of the contributing authors.

But I can't risk this site, esp. when using a work computer.

It was so bad, that I thought it was deliberately directed at me. To that point, it wouldn't surprise me some of this crap-ware on Salon is actually due to NSA causing mischief and mayhem. After all, that's how NSA and the whole military / industrial / surveillance state complex rolls with its combination of infinite money, infinite reach, and infinite paranoia over the perceived existential threat from everyone who isn't like it and its corporate fascistic oligarchical ways.

After all, Salon does publish stuff such as the piece about how the Justice Department went after John Kiriakou when he refused to engage in torture and then talked to the media.

My guess is with "smart televisions" in the (near) future, one's television is going to start acting just like the sewage truck that is the internet.

As for the Empire & Its Oligarchy, they are set to repeat the neo-Confederate freak show of last year and the year before in the next 6 months. It's at times like those when Obama suddenly becomes supremely ineffectual and powerless, indeed, helpless.


The little row house at 1230 M Street NW, Washington, D.C., 7:53PM July 11, 2013. This little row house is scrunched between two larger buildings.
This wee house is located in a part of D.C. just north of Massachusetts Avenue and south of Logan Circle where there remain a lot of low-income and mostly black / senior and/or disabled citizens housing in the middle of M. Wade Tipamillyun gay mafia money and broader gentrification. This isn't a value judgment either way -- just a statement of fact. I guess this little house could go either way.


I'm home right now watching old reruns of Father Knows Best on Antenna TV. There was a surprisingly funny rerun of, yes, Dennis the Menace on Antenna TV, "Dennis' Documentary Film" The current episode of Father Knows Best ("The Gardner's Big Day") deals with prejudice and what it means to be a "real American" -- as seen from the long-ago perspective of 1959.

Another picture of the row house at 1230 M Street NW, Washington, D.C., 7:53PM July 11, 2013. I was walking home from work yesterday when I took this image with my low-quality cell phone camera. I like the little walk way.


OK, that's all for now. My plan tonight is to go to Larry's Lounge and then No. 9, or something like that. However, I'm feeling kind of flush and not that well. Tomorrow, I need to go to the gym. Other than that, I don't have a lot of plans this weekend.

Oh, yes, I will try to post a Jukebox Saturday Night entry in lieu of a Friday night musical interlude.


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