Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Strange and Unhappy Sort of Independence as Seen from July 4th, 2013

Tropical clouds and sky from L'Enfant Promenade, Washington, D.C., 1:26PM July 3, 2013.

There were showers and t-storms around Friday morning but this time, KBWI and KIAD got more rain than KDCA, which mostly missed it.


I intend to post a full update tomorrow (or rather, later today) by early afternoon. However, I just wanted to post this quick update before I go to bed.

I want to celebrate all that there is good in America on her 237th birthday. In particular, I want to give a Hosanna-laden shout-out to all the mega-retailers that employ armies of cheap labor that "pay" their minimum wage-enslaved employees with fee-laden debit cards that have the effect of creating, in true James K. Glassman / glibertarian dystopian claptrap / corporate oligarchical style, a class of permanent underclass sub-minimum wage slaves for the sake of an Ebola virus-like parasitic, zero-sum financial services sector and the top 0.1% overclass that it serves.

Thanks, and God Bless, America.


I would like to send an especially patriotic shout out to the NSA types that can't stop listening in on every electronic communication that exists.

Oh, yes, America managed to extend its many-tentacled oligarchical hydra self across European airspace and have the the President of Bolivia Evo Morales briefly detailed in Vienna while his airplane was searched for Edward Snowden. In a televised statement, the Bolivian VP said Morales was "kidnapped." 

In point of fact, "stopped and frisked" is a more apt description of it. What happened is that Morales' presidential plane was refused airspace entry by Spain, France, and Portugal, and that as a result required an emergency landing in Austria as fuel ran low. The plane was grounded for over 12 hours in Vienna and searched by local authorities.

This was all because of rumors that Edward Snowden was aboard his jet returning home from an energy conference in Moscow (where Morales made favorable comments about giving him asylum). The Bolivians are furious at this bizarre and humiliating turn of events -- but still may not offer the stranded Snowden asylum.

Image speaks for itself.


I also want to give a shout-out to Wall-P, the biggest little self-important but clueless corporate stooge there is on Planet Earth in service to Empire & Oligarchy (other than Fred Hiatt) on a consistent and daily basis.

Oh, and one to my mother who has ALWAYS AND FOREVER -- and despite herself -- been able to stand me (excluding intermittent bursts of maternal feelings that will unexpectedly arise). And this is true, stupid entries aside such as this one. If I dropped dead tomorrow, it would mean nothing to her.

Don't believe me?

How about this: I made Anne Arundel County SUPERINTENDENT'S honor roll in fall semester of 1987, one of two people in the county (along with a weird and severely pretentious person who was nominally my friend), and it resulted in her (1) insulting me ("I guess you're gonna get a big head now") that caused an explosive fight calling the police. True, I was not easy to live with, but this was a life-altering experience, and the hatred was remarkable.

Or when I had a gum abscess in Feb. 2000 that nearly killed and terribly disfigured me. Her concern rose to the level of giving me a soup bowl decorated with hearts and having lunch with me at Plato's Diner in College Park before returning to Glen Burnie with Ray.

I couldn't eat the lunch anyway as I couldn't open my mouth and I was in such pain. I thought I was "getting better" but in fact the infection (having hit air) was exploding. You see, I had had the tooth outright extracted in my insurance-less and penniless state.) In the next week I nearly died alone in that upstairs cubby hole on Princeton Avenue in College Park. But don't worry: The bill didn't go to her. (As an ironic follow up, though I have a gap way back where tooth #31 should be (in the Universal Numbering System), nevertheless the wisdom tooth (#32) subsequently came in perfectly.)

Or back in April 2004 (at a time when I was unemployed and increasingly desperate) she when she sent back every photo she had of me that she ripped out of photo albums because of some jackass argument between us involving her severely closeted and dreadful brother (an awful human being) in South Amboy, N.J. (Re. the photo thing, she once did that many years ago with her wedding pictures of Ray when she got jealous over this black woman that Ray was spending a lot of time with.)

And when in 1992 (just about 21 years ago) I was in a mental hospital by the Shady Grove Adventist Hospital in Gaithersburg for 10 days and she never inquired, much less came to see me, oh, never mind. She did sign the instate tuition form for me to go to the University of Maryland, College Park (thus enabling me to start the quarter million dollar student loan debacle, though that's the fault of myself and a degenerate system).

I could talk about my lunatic narcissistic 72 year old father down in Florida in trashy Flagler Beach, living with a woman half his age who intermittently attacks him and is in and out of jail, but I won't.

I won't talk about any of that. Instead, that's all for now.

The fenced in yard at 16th and R Streets NW, Washington, D.C., 7:17PM July 3, 2013.

That little bush / plant in the middle of the grassy yard has been there for at least 6 years -- and probably a lot longer than that.


I went to the gym tonight and did a 5 mile jog and some weight-lifting. Unfortunately, the pool was so crowded including a border-line homeless family that is often there, shrieking and filling it up and dropping hair in the water.

Yours truly in the mirror at the YMCA, Washington, D.C., 10:17PM July 3, 2013.


I then went to No. 9, where I ended up watching the movie (about which I want to discuss in greater detail) Drop Dead Gorgeous on one of the TV monitors (with sub-captions) while music videos played.

I'm home now and ready to go to bed. Speaking of Kirstie Alley, Cheers is on Hallmark, except this is one of the older ones with Shelley Long (whom I preferred). Oh, yes, I also want to mention why I want nothing to do with that vicious snake-in-the-grass Howie anymore. I've had enough of that nastiness and constant verbal attacks every time I see his awfulness.

The K-Mart commercial with the (animatronic) hippopotamus is kinda funny. However, the original ad was apparently supposed to feature a real, live shark -- except the one the company procured for the ad unexpectedly died. (Does K-Mart also pay its employees with fee-laden debit cards? I'm sure it does.)

OK, that's all. I will try to post this blog tomorrow before going to the late afternoon picnic in Arlington (whence I will go on my bicycle).


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