Sunday, May 5, 2013

Just a Brief Sunny Sunday Update and a Great Claire Messud Quote

Updated 12:10AM 5/6/2013: See below.

Greenery under the saucer magnolias in the Enid Haupt Garden of the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C., 5:46PM May 3, 2013.


Just a quick update to say I intend to update this blog tonight. In the meantime, I need to get to the gym today.

I also wanted to note that Quill is back in the hospital due to a complication, but it seems to be under control now. She was in good spirits when I spoke to her yesterday.

The weather remains gorgeous with the easterly flow off the Atlantic. The cut-off low is STILL SLOWLY approaching from the southwest but it may not bring that much needed rain. The current NWS 7-day QPF has D.C. on the cusp of 2 inches but these forecasted amounts to me often seem to run high.

7-day QPF valid 12Z May 5 - 12Z May 12, 2013 issued by the NWS Weather Prediction Center (WPC), which is the new name for the old HPC.


Oh, yes, I came across this on Salon last week and I wanted to post it ...

This is the response author Claire Messud gave in an interview with Publishers Weekly (direct link here) about thet "likeability" of her story characters. Messud just wrote a new book called The Woman Upstairs.

Publishers Weekly: I wouldn’t want to be friends with Nora, would you? Her outlook is almost unbearably grim.

Messud: For heaven’s sake, what kind of question is that? Would you want to be friends with Humbert Humbert? Would you want to be friends with Mickey Sabbath? Saleem Sinai? Hamlet? Krapp? Oedipus? Oscar Wao? Antigone? Raskolnikov? Any of the characters in The Corrections? Any of the characters in Infinite Jest? Any of the characters in anything Pynchon has ever written? Or Martin Amis? Or Orhan Pamuk? Or Alice Munro, for that matter? If you’re reading to find friends, you’re in deep trouble. We read to find life, in all its possibilities. The relevant question isn’t "is this a potential friend for me?" but "is this character alive?"

Awesome response.


Updated 12:10AM 5/6/2013: I was going to post a new update tonight, but that will have to wait until perhaps tomorrow.


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