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Suddenly, Summer Heat in April -OR- Sunshine and Blossom Flowers, but Looking for Showers

The Washington Monument as seen through some of the petals of the blossoms of the Yoshino (Japanese) cherry trees at floral peak along the Tidal Basin, Washington, D.C., 2:39PM April 11, 2013.

The Washington Monument is presently partially covered in scaffolding as part of the earthquake damage repair effort.


This is just a quick Thursday night, er, now Friday morning blog update. I intend to post my regular Friday night musical interlude entry and subsequently over the weekend to post an entry featuring bulk of the pictures I took this Thursday on my walk around the Tidal Basin with the Yoshino cherry blossoms at / slightly past peak (but still overwhelmingly on the trees). However, I'm posting part of them in this entry.

The blossoms -- and, indeed, much of the natural world vegetation -- rapidly bloomed / unfurled over the past four days as a result of the sudden high temperatures following the prolonged (and welcome) chilly / below normal weather. I invested in a big box of Claritin the other day as the pollen levels skyrocket.

The Washington Monument partially covered in scaffolding rising above a Yoshino cherry tree at full floral peak, 2:09PM April 11, 2013.

Again, the scaffolding is to repair the exterior facade from the damage in the Aug. 2011 earthquake. My sense is if that quake had been, say, 6.2 instead of 5.8 in same Louisa County, Virginia location, it would've broken the thing apart / toppled it over.


As for the Tidal Basin pictures, I'm posting a few of them in this entry. Of note, I had not been down there on the Tidal Basin when the blossoms were at floral peak in daylight hours in at least ten years and maybe more like 15. Instead, in recent years I've gone down there at least twice in the wee hours when they are at peak. I wrote about one of those night visits here (the "C/H" refers to the Horse's Backside).

A grove of Yoshino Japanese cherry trees at floral peak on the north side of the Tidal Basin, Washington, D.C., 2:32PM April 11, 2013.


As for the weather, it indeed suddenly turned hot this past week, and I hate it. Of course, the Sue Palka Cabra creature emerged from her den all happy in her dragon-like way, her snout poking out into the hot air and belching brimstone.

There she is ...


And much of the local and regional populace also reflexively "loves" the heat. I hate that.

And at the first hint of warm weather, they immediately start dressing in that half two-thirds naked slovenly way that defines the broad swath of American "casual" fashion in the early 21st Century any time the temp. is over 60F. While usually personally hygienic, many Americans are appalling slobs when it comes to their dress (which is the reverse of many other countries).

In terms of numbers at the three regional airport climate stations ...

I noted in my previous entry that it had reached 71F at KDCA on April 7th in what was the first "official" 70F day of the warm season for Washington, D.C. This was followed by 80F on April 8th in the first "official" 80F day of the season.

Thereafter, following an 86F high on April 9th, it hit 91F on April 10th in what was both the first "official" 90F day of the season. This was also a daily record that surpassed the 89F in 1922, a pre-KDCA Washington, D.C., record. It was also the first 90F day in April since 2010.

The Thursday April 11th high was 86F (not a daily record).

The low on the morning of the 4th was 31F, so that's a 60F temperature swing in six calendar days, which is a lot for our part of the world. Of note, through the 10th, we are suddenly +2.4F for the month of April after having been -5.2F for the first six days of April. That's a 7.6F anomaly change in just four days. (Note: You can't compare these as absolute numbers since the average shifting slightly during this time as well from 52.9F on the 6th to 55.9F on the 10th.)

Tourists! A group of them take pictures of the Yoshino cherry trees at floral peak along the Tidal Basin, Washington, D.C., 2:24PM April 11, 2013.


For KBWI, the high temp rose from 68F on April 7th to 78F on April 8th (the first "official" 70F day of the warm season in Baltimore) to 85F on April 9th (the first 80F day of the season) to 91F on April 10th (the first 90F day of the season), with the April 10th one a daily record (surpassing the 89F in 1922, a pre-KBWI Baltimore, Md., record that is identical to the D.C. one).

The Thursday April 11th high was 82F (not a daily record).

The April 4th morning low at KBWI was 25F so this is an even more impressive 66F temperature swing to the high on the 10th or six calendar days. The monthly departure for the first 10 days of April is now +2.4F, a reversal of 8.5F of anomaly from the -6.0F through the 6th.

The Jefferson Memorial and more distant U.S. Capitol dome as seen from the west southwest side of the Tidal Basin, Washington, D.C., 2:52PM April 11, 2013.


Finally, as for KIAD, the high temp numbers were 71F (7th), 81F (8th), 85F (9th), and 89F (10th). The 89F was a daily record that blew away the previous daily record high of 78F set in 1992 (the KIAD climate record only goes back to 1960).

The Thursday April 11th high was 86F (not a daily record).

The low on the morning of the 4th was 22F, which tied the 22F daily record low set in 1965. Thus, even though KIAD didn't reach 90F on the 10th, this is a still even more impressive 67F temperature swing in the same six calendar days.

The monthly departure for the first 10 days of April is now +1.6F, a reversal of 8.4F of anomaly from the -6.8F through the 6th.

Throngs of tourists inside the stately Jefferson Memorial with the great statue of President Thomas Jefferson himself at the center, Washington, D.C., 3:01PM April 11, 2013.


I just hope this is going to be a flippin' hot and disgusting summer like the last three have been. The broad long-wave pattern does not suggest it at this time.

The columns on the south (back) side of the Jefferson Memorial, Washington, D.C., 3:03PM April 11, 2013 (with another ubiquitous photographer visible, which creates a weird kind of post-modern feel to it).


Anyway, tonight as of the 1AM hour is a pleasant one with temps. in the 54F to 57F range and dew points around 51F or 52F with a good easterly martime breeze and low clouds thanks to a backdoor front. A frontal system is approaching -- the weakening as it does. The same system brought tornadic thunderstorms to parts of Alabama and Missouri the other day.

A portion of the current U.S. weather map surface analysis as of 0300Z 12 April 2013 (11PM EDT April 11, 2013) showing the "backdoor" front having cleared the Baltimore/Washington area but becoming a quasi-stationary front extending back to an occlusion triple point near Muncie, Indiana.


The current national radar mosaic (focused on part of the U.S.), 0508UTC (1:08AM EDT) April 12, 2013.

As usual in these situations, I suspect that the rainfall / frontal dynamics are crapping out.

No, I don't want violent weather -- just a good soaking rain


The 3-day QPF forecast issued by the NWS valid 0Z 12 April - 0Z 15 April 2013 issued at 2155Z April 11, 2013.

These damn QPF maps never verify in the amounts forecasted.


OK, I should probably wrap up this entry. Let me just add that this has been an exceedingly stressful week at work with the major report / technical paper I had to write in a hurry. I stayed up all night on three occasions, including twice this week, once Sunday to Monday and again Tuesday to Wednesday. This screwed up my already problematic sleep schedule with crazy hours.

In addition, my main boss (not A., she is my supervisor) was also unhappy with / angry at me at one point (though she didn't tell me directly). And, of course, it was for an unintentional reason. Anyway, it was just stressful all around.

My kitchen in my little apartment in the Hampton Courts, Washington, D.C., 7:21PM April 9, 2013. The Brittany is visible through the window across New Hampshire Avenue.


This paper is just the first in a series of 10, three or four of which I am supposed to help draft (the technical sections). But there shouldn't be the crazy rush as in this first one. The deadline on that first one was due to difficulties that had nothing to do with me -- but it became my problem once I was assigned it.

As for today, I had a terrible pain in my neck today with a pulled or pinched muscle, although it went away after I took 4 Advil and by the time I got to the gym, where I had a good three-part workout over three hours: treadmill, weights, and swimming.

Yours truly at the YMCA, Washington, D.C., 10:45PM April 9, 2013. (This was taken on Tuesday night.)

Of note, the new YMCA Anthony Bowen on 14th Street NW is about to open soon. I belong to the YMCA National Capital for a variety of reasons, one of which is its swimming pool. But I understand the Bowen one is going to have a pool as well. However, I imagine it will be more than the $73/month I pay now.


I just finished my laundry -- two weeks worth -- and it's piled high on my floor.

Piles of laundry in my tiny apartment as seen in my crummy cellphone camera, Washington, D.C., 1:48AM April 12, 2013.


OK, that's really all for now.


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