Saturday, April 27, 2013

Spring Fevered -OR- My seasonal tree pollen allergies sure can do a spot-imitation of a cold

This is a picture I took almost two years ago -- on June 5, 2011 -- of the mansion and its beautiful setting in the 4900 block of Glenbrook Rd. NW in the section of Washington, D.C.., known as Spring Valley. This is probably the wealthiest section of D.C. (even more so  than Georgetown). Paradoxically, because of WWI era munitions stored in the vicinity, there is also an EPA Superfund site in that neighborhood.


This is Entry #899.

It's a very lovely Saturday afternoon in late April -- the last of this month -- with sunshine and a slightly blanched blue sky. Temps. are near 70F.

However, I have suddenly come down with what seems to be a full-fledged cold, and I feel like crap. However, it could be just my seasonal allergies to the raging tree pollen this time of year that is mimicking a cold (is that possible?).

Regardless, I really don't want to be trapped inside all day, and I still want to see Quill at her parents' house in Silver Spring (where she is recuperating post-surgery). I also feel terribly guilty about not having been to the gym since Wednesday, but at this point, it's just going to have to wait until Sunday (tomorrow), as I think I'm going to try to get to Silver Spring anyway.

Naturally, the Metro is all bollixed up with the Red Line closed in a key segment because of the endless upgrade and repair work being done. 

My familiar 5th floor apartment view looking onto the 2000 block of New Hampshire Avenue NW, Washington, D.C., 1:09PM April 27, 2013. I dreamed this morning that this (elm) tree (the one on the near side of the sidewalk to my building -- there are two main ones in this photo on opposite sides of the sidewalk) was dying (actually, it sort of it), and I was watching as it was cut down.


As for tonight, I'm a big undecided on John's party in Arlington (YES, this would entail crossing the Potmac to NoVa!). On the one hand, I never get invited to parties, and I never frickin' break my D.C. routine. On the other hand, I feel like crap, and would sort of prefer to be in my own bed (and not get drunk at a house party while sick). I already called him up to let him know I might not make it. I hate making those kinds of phone calls.

OK, let me get ready and get the hell out of this apt.

Oh, yes, the pattern looks like it might turn into wet and cool one for next week. Indeed, if some of the GFS runs verified (a giant "IF"), then it would be really wet. Of course, I personally LIKE cool, wet weather (esp. during the work week) AND it has the wonderful benefit of washing the tree pollen out of the air.


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