Saturday, April 6, 2013

More Reflections on Billy Idol -OR- He's Just One All Around Awesome Guy

Billy Idol!

This is from a loooong ago interview on Australian TV on the occasion of his 20th birthday (November 30, 1977).


It's 425AM in the morning as I start this entry, and I'm drunk, but I just have to say this as a follow-up to this entry about Billy Idol ...

I think Billy Idol is just frickin' awesome. I don't know why I like him so much  beyond his musi c, but he is just tremendous (imho).

Here is a 21 minute 54 second interview with a VERY young Billy Idol on November 30, 1977 -- on the occasion of his 20th birthday! -- on Australian TV (back when he was still in Generation X). It starts out a bit stilted (talking about how he'd spend money on drugs), but the interviewer (on Australian TV) gradually pulls him in and makes him feel good as he gets him to talk about what he likes.

Updated 5/28/2013: Obviously, the interview was removed at some point for the usual bullsh!t corporate reason. I've removed the dead embedded link. At least I got all the screenshots as JPEG images that are in this entry. As it is, I found another version of the interview on YouTube containing the last 10 minutes of the interview here. I'm not going to embed this version since I don't like it as much, and it may not even last that long. Click on the link if you would like to see it.

He ends with the following brilliant observation (specifically, about the 1970s but one that is actually timeless): "You can make things great today if you want them to be great."


This entry contains a few frame grab images from that long ago interview (three in all plus the YouTube version of it).


Moving forward in time ...

This is a picture of Billy Idol with his then-infant son Willem Wolf(e?) Broad (born June 15, 1988).


And this would be (if real?) a picture of Billy Idol and his son Willem at a baseball game (probably circa 1999).


This may or may not be an actual picture of Billy Idol with his son circa 2003. I think it is (which is why I am posting it).


And most recently of all, here is a brief clip of Billy Idol ...

... without hesitation or attitude signing autographs in Southern California (where he lives) with his son (Willem) and daughter (Bonnie Blue) walking close to him (how often does THAT happen in a world of THAT level of fame??).

What a great and wonderful attitude he has. And, as you can infer from these pictures of him and his children, he's also a good human being.

Billy Idol is awesome.


OK, that's all for now.

I am going to try to update this blog tomorrow (Saturday) evening, as promised in the last entry.


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