Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Would-Be Snowy Sequesters and Credit Failures

Light from the setting Sun illuminates the top turret (at least I think it's a turret) of the large house at the corner of S and 19th Streets NW -- actually, it's address is 1836 S Street NW -- Washington, D.C., 5:37PM March 4, 2013.


A late night update ...

The would-be / maybe snowstorm for tomorrow night into Wednesday is still "ON" but it is a complicated story with much uncertainty about temperatures and the placement of the rain/snow line. I refer the interested reader to the Capital Weather Gang site for updates. I'll try to have another update tomorrow.

Here is the most recent Baltimore/Washington NWS Forecast Office snowfall forecast map for the Sterling County Warning Area (CWA) for snow through 7PM EST March 6, 2013 updated at 12:38AM March 5, 2013.

This is by far the most impressive I've ever seen this "experimental" snow map look in the three winters it has been used (and corresponding to our regional snow drought).


Failure, American-Capitalist Style ...

589 / "F" is my credit score with TransUnion.

I went to the site AnnualCreditReport.com maintained by the unholy trio of credit rating agencies and got my credit report.

I then paid $9.95 to TransUnion to get the actual score it keeps -- and that was the result.

I am going to write all three agencies protesting such a low number (I assume the other two, Equifax and Experian, are also "F" rated).

My points will be:

(1) I have paid off three of the five defaulted credit card debts from 2007/2008 and one of the remaining two is down to $500 and I should have it paid off by summer. I noticed that at least in two cases this info is not reflected on the reports.

(2) of the remaining defaulted credit card (an old Macy's account), I will in mid-summer accept the 50 or 60 percent reduction offer that I periodically get from the collection agency currently holding it.

(3) my only other debt is my my admittedly gargantuan student loan debt of $236,000+, and it is a general forbearance*; and (4) I've paid all my other bills (cable/Internet, mobile phone, and MOST IMPORTANTLY rent) on time for years now.

*About the forbearance issue, I was told by the Direct Loan people -- recall my consolidated student debt has been farmed out to Sallie Mae to service -- that I actually have (as of last week) 940 days remaining in the three-year's / 1080 day's worth of general forbearance. (Apparently, a three year cap was reinstated last October.) This means I should easily have another year's worth of general forbearance to use.

I realize none of this may work -- present-day America is a corporate capitalist oligarchical dystopia of bubble [remainder redacted]. But I'll try. Maybe I'll ask Wall-P for his professional views. Not.


I was able to get a haircut today. The lady at the Hair Cuttery I really like / always go to (B.) cut my hair. Of note, the Horse's Backside -- showed up unexpectedly as I was waiting. "HB" was there to get the usual Lawn-Boy lawn mower haircut that takes all of 3 minutes to do. Once again, Mr. Backside had the temerity to say anything to me.

Here is Mr. Backside after his haircut:



I then went to the gym and had an all-around good workout including 4.48 miles running on the treadmill over 53 minutes / 663 calories / climbed the equivalent of 640 feet; an hour of decent machine and some free weight weight-lifting; and a half hour swim in the pool.

Lastly, I highly recommend that you to read this piece by Michael Lind "How conservatives see liberals" that appeared on Monday in Salon. Lind actually analyzes a piece by Tod Lindberg in the final edition of the Hoover Institution's Policy Review publication called "Left 3.0" on Obama and the emergency of a "newer left" in the past 12 years.

I haven't read the Lindberg piece yet (and will do so), but I wanted to note Lind's insightful observation that "upscale white 'centrists' ... are really moderate libertarians on both social and economic issues."

This description of such "centrists" goes a long way to explaining the WaHoPo editorial board and its world-view. I'm sure Paul Krugman would concur.

The good news is that just as today's neo-Confederate GOP radicals are in serious demographic decline, the new Democratic majority has (quoting Lind): "rejected the Simpson-Bowles attack on middle-class entitlements, for example, far more vehemently than it would have done 10 or 20 years ago, to the distress of the dwindling number of self-styled Democratic 'centrists.'"

That is, this putative/emerging American Democratic majority has rejected the values and worldview of the WaHoPo  Editorial Board / "Washington Consensus" as much as it has that of the GOP.


OK, that's all for now.


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