Friday, March 29, 2013

Under the Late March Sky, Welcome Weather Cool and My Weekly Doings (Good and Foolish)

**Updated 1:05PM 3/1/2015: See below.**

Ornate multiple lamp post outside the joint PNC / Bank of America Building (i.e., the old Riggs National Bank Building) at the corner of 15th and Pennsylvania Avenue NW (right by the White House), Washington, D.C., 6:08PM March 27, 2013.


I had hoped to post this entry before midnight Friday, but that isn't going to happen, so it will have a date timestamp of March 29th -- as will my planned Friday night musical interlude.

This is just a quick update.

For starters, the weather continues to remain below normal cool and variably cloudy, and even though we got screwed out of SO MANY snow opportunities this past winter (and we are still in a "snow drought" for three complete winters), and even though we are STILL running below normal on precipitation (always a bad thing when heading into the spring growing season, although for the past year -- to quote my friend Chester -- this has been more of a climatological issue than an actual hydrological one), I am still VERY MUCH enjoying this weather.

Temperature wise, it only reached 50F at KDCA today or -10F below the normal daily high. It was 49F at KBWI or -9F below the normal daily high; and at KIAD it was also 49F or -11F below the normal daily high.

Updated at 850AM 3/29/2013 to include the 28th into the March average:

For the month through March 28th, the OVERALL average temp at KDCA has been 43.1F or -3.2F; for KBWI it is 40.0F or -3.1F; and for KIAD it is 39.7F or -3.9F.

As I've mentioned a number of times, last March (for the full month) it was a record +10.0F / +10.1F at the three regional climate stations -- and it was the warmest March on record for the Lower 48.

Here are the precip numbers so far for March through the 28th and 2013 with normals in parentheses. The Dulles (KIAD) one features a statistical oddity for the year-to-date: It is EXACTLY equal to the current 30-year average through March 28th.

Month-to-date: 2.78"
-0.33" (3.11")
Year-to-date: 6.98"
-1.56" (8.54")

Month-to-date: 2.60"
-0.90" (3.50")
Year-to-date: 8.19"
-1.26" (9.45")

Month-to-date: 3.09"
+0.09" (3.09")
Year-to-date: 8.42:
+/-0.00" (8.42")

As there was no measurable precipitation on Thursday (just "Trace" at KDCA and KBWI), these numbers from 5PM won't change.


Secondly, I had a good gym workout tonight including a record treadmill jog of 4.79 miles / 723 calories (if the display numbers are to be believed) over 52+5=57 minutes; a bit over an hour of weight-lifting (mostly on the various machines); and a half hour in the swimming pool.

I did NOT weight myself since my sense is I've probably gone UP a bit (maybe 163 or 164lbs).

Perennially ill-fitting clothing aside, I still look kinda WIDE in the locker room wall mirrors. I guess I just have the body of a 40-something Italian-Polish peasant moved to early 21st Century office cubicle and urban apartment dwelling Universe.

I probably won't go to the gym tomorrow but will do so in some combination of two of the three days from Saturday to Monday.

Group dinner at Pines of Florence, Washington, D.C., 9:39PM March 26, 2013.


I did not go to the gym on Tuesday or Wednesday night after work. Instead, Tuesday featured what started out as a very nice birthday dinner for Kristof at Pines of Florence, that "hidden" little Middle Eastern-run Italian restaurant on Connecticut Avenue in an otherwise residential section of Kalorama located up the hill from Dupont Circle and just south of the Taft / Connecticut Avenue Bridge. I used to go there frequently with Chris T.  

Wendy at Pines of Florence, Washington, D.C., 10:15PM March 26, 2013.


Gary and Wendy also were there -- and it was an even bigger celebration because Wendy found out just a few hours earlier that she got an awesome FEDERAL job here in D.C. right in the area of interest to her that will commence in late summer after she has finished law school and taken the bar exam.

This is excellent news. She is such a good person and has struggled so much. This reaffirmed my faith that SOMETIMES the arc of the moral Universe really does bend the right way instead of always being screwed up.

Kristof and Gary, Pines of Florence, Washington, D.C., 10:15PM March 26, 2013.


The problem was that after dinner, we went to Larry's Lounge some of us had few rum and/or vodka drinks -- which followed the bottle and a half of Chianti we had. I stayed with Gary and Howie also showed up even after Wendy and Kristof left. Long story short, while I got home and all was fine, I was a wreck and had to take the next morning off. I didn't really recover until late afternoon on Wednesday.


OK, the next set of pictures were taken by me in the wee hours after leaving Nellie's on Friday night (actually, at that point Saturday morning). They've nothing to do with the content, and they are posted without captions.

On Wednesday evening -- despite how I felt -- DD and I went to a bar to have a drink and talk about a book idea. (This is the book that I NEED to write at some point.) We were going to go to Old Ebbitt Grill but all three bars in there were packed. The city is clogged with tourists. We then went to Stan's, but there was no room at the bar and two guys refused the hostess' request to move down a single bar stool to make room for two. So we left. We found two spots at the bar at the Post Pub where we stayed for about 90 minutes. I was able to take some notes (since the book idea really comes out after a few drinks).

DD headed to the Metro to head back up to Rockville and his life and family.

**Updated 1:05PM 3/1/2015: Content removed.**

**Updated 1:05PM 3/1/2015: Content removed.**

OK, I think that's all for now. Again, I plan to post a Friday night musical interlude entry.

Oh, yes, I was given a MAJOR assignment at work to write a 20 to 30 page report on technical aspects of geothermal energy production (primarily but not exclusively related to EGS). And it's due by Thursday COB.

I HAVE to do this, and do it well, and so my blogging schedule may very well be interrupted next week.


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