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Let's Call it Snowquester: March 6th Mid-Atlantic Major Winter Weather Event (An Update)

The NAM run at 12Z today (3/3/2013) showing MSLP, 850mb temps, and 6-hr precipitation, valid at hour 78 / 18Z (1PM EST) March 6, 2013.

The Capital Weather Gang folks already have the perfect name for it: Snowquester.

Meanwhile, in the Republican-Tilted Weather Channel's list of winter storm names for this year (by my way of thinking, a problematic concept for extratropical cyclones, but let's save that discussion for another time), it is the "S" one: Saturn.

I think it's for the Roman god, not the planet.


The Capital Weather Gang 2PM update today is here: Major winter storm eyes Washington, D.C. and Mid-Atlantic for midweek: Snowquester (embedded link)

So it is looking increasingly like we will have a major coastal storm that will bring abundant precipitation to the Washington / Baltimore area ("Baltimore / Washington area" flows so much better ...) and the possibility of a significant (4"+) accumulating snowfall.

Today's 12Z GFS, NAM, ECMWF, and Canadian models are all basically in agreement with this forecast.

Above: GFS 12Z 3/3/2013 run showing MSLP, 6-hr precip, and 850-1000mb thicknesses valid at hour 78 / 18Z (1PM EST) March 6, 2013.

The issue for such a late season winter weather event is the position of the rain/snow line.

Here are two more images from the above CWG entry:
The QPFs (liquid equivalent) for the upcoming storm as given by today's 12Z runs of the ECMWF ("Euro"), GFS, and NAM.

A probability histogram of snowfall amounts for D.C. proper (purple/red) and western suburbs (light blue) for 1"+, 5"+, and 10"+.


If the model runs hold up, I will be writing a lot more about this -- and if the storm actually happens, I intend to have a great deal of content and pictures.


Nick Schuyler's Story: Four Years Later

The moment of Nick Schuyler's rescue on a capsized boat in the Gulf of Mexico after 43 hours, March 2, 2009.


I've spent the late morning / early afternoon fiddling around online, although I read Oprah interview of Nick Schuyer about his 43-hour ordeal on a capsized boat Gulf of Mexico 70 miles off Clearwater, Florida before being rescued -- but not before his three boating companions including two Tampa Buchaneer football players (Marquis Cooper and Corey Smith) as well as a fourth person (Will Bleakley).

Suffering from exposure and increasing hypothermia, Nick Schuyler is rescued just in time by the United States Coast Guard, March 2, 2009.

Purely coincidentally, it was four years ago this weekend that this incident happened with the four setting sail on Feb. 28, 2009 and the U.S. Coast Guard rescuing Schuyler -- suffering exposure and borderline hypothermia with its cascade of symptoms including hallucinations -- on Feb. 2, 2009. The part about what kept him going -- picturing his mom at his funeral -- is extremely poignant.

Schuyler since co-wrote or ghost-wrote the book Not Without Hope about the ordeal. The families of Cooper and Smith don't like how their sons' last hours were portrayed. It sounds kinda scary. I don't think any of their bodies were ever recovered.

The Oprah Soap-on-a-Roprah* interview from a year later (March 3, 2010) is here.

It's ridiculously spread over 23 pages.

Oprah just can't help herself.

As it is, I want to read the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission report about this but the link on Marquis Cooper's Wikipedia page doesn't work. I submitted a request to the agency for an electronic copy of the report.

*OK, I got that from Married, With Children.

I never mentioned this story on this blog when it happened. Not sure why.

Oh, yes, now I know why (it was the same reason I couldn't enjoy our last snowy winter): I was enslaved at the Japanese turkey farm / intellecual sweatshop as a 1099 indentured servant, and little Wall-P ("Eh. Eh. Eheheh. Eh. Eh.") thought I should remain there until the end of time in misery and wage slavery.

Meanwhile, there were many nonsensical and/or passive aggressive shrieks and howls from an ex-friend about how "ROCK ON! I'LL BE DROPPIN' YOUR NAME IN A YEAR!" God, I hated that line.

OK, that's all for now. I REALLY need to go to the gym this afternoon before I regain the 23 pounds I've lost and become pudgy again.



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