Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Night Musical Interlude Feb. 15th, 2013 "Stars Fall" Edition

"You've Changed" by the Barney Wilen Quartet (1994 - New York Romance)

This is the kind of really mellow jazz when played in a dark restaurant late at night (preferably a rainy one) in the city that I just love -- even though I admit it is likely to put most folks to sleep.


"I Smile" by Kool & Klean (2012)

This is a delightful piece from K&K on the Smooth Jazz Loft channel.


"Constellation of Dreams" by Paul Hardcastle (2008 - Hardcastle 5)

The video is kinda psychedelic.


This concludes my genuinely brief Friday night musical interlude.

I've just finished my laundry and tonight I'm going to No. 9 where I am meeting Gary. There is a marathon of The Golden Girls on WeTV. It's raining and maybe sleeting tonight but for the gazillionth time, the initial promise of a D.C. snow this winter has yielded to light and intermittent rain showers.

Tomorrow, I may post a little more on today's jarring and strangely timed Siberian fireball / shockwave.


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