Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Escarpe-Diem: Fronts, Ridges, Knobs, and Other Delights of the Alleghanian Orogeny Zone

A sweeping vista from the top of Blue Knob looking eastward across Pavia Township, Pa., and east toward the Allegheny Front escarpment (right side) as seen in January 2007. Source of image here.


I brought the computer home tonight, so I guess I should post a (very) brief entry.

A (welcome) rainy spell is forecasted for tomorrow afternoon into early Wednesday. There is actually a flood watch up for the Baltimore / Washington area, although Sterling LWX seems to have already lowered by a tad the "1 to 2 inches" that was forecasted earlier this evening for the event.

Sterling (LWX) CWA advisories in effect as of 12:24AM Feb. 26, 2013.


Well west of here, there are winter weather advisories, winter storm warnings, and even ice storm warnings well west of D.C. from the Potomac highlands to the Allegheny Front. Here in D.C., it will be just rain.

As it is, there really is no longer any chance of snow / wintry precipitation in the immediate D.C. area this season, so 1.5" at KDCA will be the final pathetic seasonal total or -12.2" from the current (1981 - 2010) 30-year average of 13.7" (the overall seasonal total is 15.4" so if we stay at 1.5", the departure will be -13.9").

A spring east-looking view from the Allegheny Front (possibly on the Pennsylvania side) on a tender spring day in May 2005. Source of image here.


The Allegheny Front is an escarpment (I love that word) that runs from Pennsylvania into Maryland. In Maryland, it is in Allegany County. Yes, the spelling is different, i.e., "Allegany" versus "Allegheny." The Allegheny Front is the front edge (escarpment) of the Allegheny Mountains and it includes Dans Mountain, one of the many extended ridges running more or less north-south for many miles (though with an overall NE-SW arc). Here is a list of mountains that are in the Alleghenies.

The Allegheny Mountains contain the startlingly and controversially named Negro Mountain* and efforts in MD and PA to change the name regularly fail.

 *Negro Mountain is a 30-mile long ridge running from Garrett Co., Md., into Somerset Co., Pa. Furthermore, the highest point on it is Mount Davis -- the highest mountain in Pennsylvania (3,213' elevation).

And a second east-looking view from the Allegheny Front in southern Pennsylvania again on a lovely spring day in May 2005; image source same as above.


I had a decent gym workout tonight at the YMCA and also went swimming. I also had a helpful conversation with my personal trainer, who reappeared after a two week disappearance because of a flu followed by a nasty stomach virus. (I had though my time working with him was over.) At this point, it's all confusing because he really isn't charging me anything for meeting twice a week, and I don't know what to do. In addition, the amount I've been giving him -- $200 per month -- is far too low for a service like that, yet I can't keep giving even this amount because between the payroll tax increase of about $50 per check and my upcoming rent increase of $60 per month, that's a loss of $160 per month. (I reailze M. WADE Tipamillyun and his D.C. gay bar Brahmin caste make that before 8PM on a Friday night.)

It's all confusing and vexing.

The view from atop Spruce Knob, the highest spot (at 4,863') in West Virginia and the highest peak in the Alleghenies, taken in Oct. 2006. Spruce Knob is the highest spot on Spruce Mountain, which is yet another extended ridge that make up the range. Image source here.


Anyway, that's all for now. I'm watching reruns of The Golden Girls on Hallmark. I'm going to bed now. My next blog update probably will not be until Thursday. Oh, yes, my new bedding is quite comfortable and nice.


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