Monday, February 4, 2013

An Entry of No Particular Note -OR- A Sunday D.C. Logan's Run ...

Yours Truly in the DOE cafeteria, Washington, D.C., 2:11PM February 1, 2013. (Yes, that's the Washington Monument poking up above the USDA headquarters building.)

By the way, Secretary Steven Chu penned and sent out on Friday an epic farewell / resignation message.


(Most of the images in this entry were taken by Yours Truly as I walked from Nellie's to No. 9 this evening via Vermont Avenue to Logan Circle. Ah, Logan Circle. Named for Senator and General John A. Logan -- and a different person than the Lt. Gen. Edward Lawrence Logan for whom Boston's Logan Airport is named.

This reminds me of, yes, the movie Logan's Run ...


Another screen shot from Logan's Run. Cool.


OK, I simply did not have the time to post the entry I intended (the first of my three New Jersey trip-themed entries). Furthermore, he's the shock: I may not post even be able to post the first of the planned three until next weekend.

Upstairs at Nellie's, Washington, D.C., 5:02PM February 3, 2013.


I tried to post my intended entry but I simply did not have the time, and the entry requires at least 6 hours to write. There is no way to speed up the process. My apologies. As it is, I don't actually have that many readers -- and my daily readership has plummeted as a result (I think) of the new image look-up Google has instituted whereby one does not have to go to the page in question to get a full-sized version.

Here is a chart:

Daily hits (three different categories) on Statcounter from Jan. 13 - Feb. 3, 2013. That drop is a real change corresponding, I believe, to the new way of doing image searches on Google.

So there you have it.


A few other items ...

**Paul Krugman on the predictable GOP effort to destroy the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau because the GOP consists of -- let's face it -- destructive lunatics.

Meanwhile, Fred Hiatt and his beloved WaHoPo editorial group are "impressed" by the "bipartisan nature" of this (to borrow a phrase) malignant lunacy.

Where, Oh, Where, is the Great and Mysterious Martha "M.J." McAteer??

I refer to she whose penultimate responsibility was to ensure that only rightwing "Voices" were heard in the letters and old "Close to Home" sections of The WaHoPo back in the halcyonic 1990s when the paper's BIGGEST worry was Monica's Dress and giving enough space to sundry "Washington Consensus" pundits and libertarian think tank gigolos on the op-ed page, even as the editorial page was all corporate-oligarchical legal and "Free Trade" worshiping by the Ben Wittes and Sebastian Mallaby ...

Upco Lock & Safe Service company at 1800-1/2 (yes "1800 and one half") 11th Street NW, Washington, D.C., 5:30PM February 3, 2013.


**The Baltimore Ravens Defeat San Francisco 49ers, 34-31, to Win Super Bowl -- and despite a (scary?) approx. 35 minute partial stadium blackout. (Is this the same Superdome of Hurricane Katrina /GOP infamy??) On a related note, here is Andrew O'Hehir on what he believes is the death spiral of professional football.

However, I will say that my mom is happy over the Ravens' win -- and so therefore in this instance I am happy. However, I strongly dislike American football for a variety of reasons.

The houses at the triangular-shaped intersection of Vermont Avenue and Q and 13th Streets NW (right by Logan Circle) Washington, D.C., 5:26PM February 3, 2013.


**Speaking of American guns and craziness, here you go. All in all, Wayne LaPierre must be very happy.

**An extended exerpt from The Rebellious Life of Mrs. Rosa Parks on Salon here. She would have been 100 tomorrow. I am still trying to figure out who was the white passenger -- as opposed to the bus driver, the late James Fred Blake.

I think that's all for now. I'm going to bed. I think I'm getting fatter as we speak.

4 Logan Circle -- with a doorway that said "Dr. TC Williams" -- Washington, D.C., 5:38PM February 3, 2013.


I'm actually watching reruns of The Golden Girls on Hallmark at I write this. I hope I don't have the same crazy dreams I did as this morning -- young people surfing on tsunamis hundreds of feet high (specks flying along the walls of water) only to be killed, and I'm arguing that the "sport" should be banned even as more were "parachuting" from low Earth orbit to the coastline of the Kamchatka peninsula to continue doing it. Weird.

OK, I will be composing my first and second New Jersey trip-themed entries over the course of the next week, but I'm not sure when they will be posted. Furthermore, I'll likely have intermediate entries. As it is, I intend to be at the gym on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, so I'm unsure of the day of my next blog update.


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