Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wee Hours Weather Update / January Summary -OR- A Second Interim Entry

Updated 930AM EST 2/1/2013: see below

The Sterling (LWX) NWS county warning area (CWA) map of advisories as of 2:55PM EST January 31, 2013. It shows flood warnings along rivers following two days of heavy rainfall.


Just a quick update ... before the midnight hour when January rolls over to February.

My plan is to post a Friday night musical interlude tomorrow night and then at least two of the three New Jersey trip themed entries over the weekend.

I tried to go to the gym tonight but I was simply too tired -- exhausted. I had a good gym workout on both Monday and Wednesday nights. I'm also chagrined, I think, that I put on 2 pounds from my minimum of 162 pounds in the previous week or so.

However, there is a chance this is actually muscle mass gain instead of just fat or other internal doings.

In any event, I went to Larry's Lounge and met Kristof and John L. for a bit.


We had a deluge of rain yesterday with 1 to 3 inches or rain area-wide. Officially, Washington Dulles Int'l Airport climate station (KIAD) had the most followed by Baltimore / Washington International Thurgood Marshall Int'l Airport climate station (KBWI) and then Reagan Washington National Airport climate station (KDCA) brought up the rear with just under half the KIAD amount -- but it was still over 1 inch.

Nevertheless, KDCA still ends the month (and since it is January, year-to-date) below normal.

Here are the stats in descending order (with total / departure / normal):

Two-day total: 2.32" (including daily record of 2.00" on the 30th)
Month/Year-to-date: 3.70" +1.02" (2.68")

Two-day total: 1.95"
Month/Year-to-date: 3.64" +0.59" (3.05")

Two-day total: 1.14"
Month/Year-to-date: 2.53" -0.28" (2.81")

As for temperatures, it has been a roller coaster month of warmth, cold, and warmth. It reached 69F on Tuesday and 72F on Wednesday at KDCA. The numbers were 66F/70F at KBWI and 70F/72F at KIAD. But tonight is back to blustery cold with temps near freezing and wind chills.

Also, somehow, there is snow in the forecast - maybe a 1/2" in the wee hours to dawn and then another chance of light snow on Saturday night into Sunday. (It involves a clipper system that is going to swing through in the wee hours.)

Updated 930AM EST 2/1/2013: For snowfall we have the following through stats for January 2013 and the season so far (it's pretty much what you expect):

Month: 0.9" -4.7" (5.6")
Season: 1.1" -7.3" (8.4")
Month: 2.9" -3.9" (6.8")
Season: 4.3" -5.9" (10.2")
Month: 1.8" -5.5" (7.3")
Season: 4.0" -7.3" (11.3")
(Updated 930AM EST 2/1/2013:) For the full month of January, KDCA ends up +4.3F above normal at 40.3F. For KBWI it is +4.0F at 36.9F, and for KIAD, it is +4.2F at 37.4F. All these numbers are with respect to the 1981 - 2010 average.

OK, that's all for now.

Oh, yes, I had a lot of strange hits on my blog today from the Warshington, D.C., area with the focus on You-Know-Who. Not sure what that's about.


Oh, yes, check out how many comments this article (over 50,000 as I post this) about the Applebee's waitress in the St. Louis area, Chelsea Welch, fired for posting online a picture of the receipt containing a nasty comment about tipping only 10% because that's what she gives God.

The comment was written by Pastor Alois Bell of the World Deliverance Ministries Church (whatever bogus operation that is) and when she discovered this, she complained, thus getting Welch fired.

In general, I rarely read the comments left by the endless parade of paranoid, dumb, ideologically rightwing Americans in their underwear with access to a computer but occasionally it is worthwhile. 

Oh, and Applebee's, you suck, you corporate wussy.


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