Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Some Regulus Star Notes from the First Day of Year 2013

The street number sign on the exterior facade of my apartment building, the Hampton Court*, at 2013 New Hampshire Avenue NW, Washington, D.C., 4:18PM January 1, 2013.

So, yes, my street address (2013) matches up to the year (2013).

*It is sometimes called the Hampton Courts.


Here is my promised New's Year Day post on this the first day of 2013.

TV screen of some TV personality (unsure who) at Times Square moments after the New Year arrived. (Dick Clark, Mr. New Year's Eve himself, died in April.)


I'm not going to post a series of images of New Years Eve celebrations from the great cities of the world -- as I did last year in this entry. Maybe I'll do it next year, depending on my situation then. As ever, D.C. has no actual formal celebrations -- just a lot of young professional drunk people at house parties and bars.

Of course, nothing was as horse's ass pathetic as the 2000 millennium "official" celebrations here in D.C. I am still very upset by that. It was pathetic and wholly unworthy of the Capital City of the United States of America, and therefore (to borrow a phrase), "Seat of Empire" at the start of the Third Millennium.

New Year's Eve house party on Riggs Place NW (not far from where I live), Washington, D.C., 12:37AM, January 1, 2013. At age 43, I was easily among the oldest of the 40 or so people who were there.

For New Year's Eve 2013, I stayed deep inside my D.C. Bubble last night -- no more than 1/3 mile from home. But then again, I usually stay close to home inside the D.C. Bubble.


As for my New Year's Eve, I went to a house party with Andrea and Imara. Jake and Nick were also there. Thereafter, I went to Larry's Lounge. I ended up spending a tad under $50 ($49.85) yesterday, which is -- FINALLY -- a daily taily that is LESS than I budgeted.

As for the New Year, 2013, I really want to hit a "reset" button in a number of ways, but I'll talk about this in subsequent entries. Obviously, the year brings with it a myriad of uncertainties and worries.

New Year's Eve house party on Riggs Place NW, Washington, D.C., 1:11AM, January 1, 2013.


There was drama tonight on Capitol Hill a the House of Representatives PASSED the Senate version of HR 8 -- the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 - tonight. The Senate passed it 89 - 8 at 2AM on January 1st and the pressure was on the House of Representatives, which past a very different version of HR 8 in September 2012.

In the end, the House passed it 257 to 167 with overwhelming support from minority Democrats. President Obama, who spoke briefly at 11:20PM from the White House press room, will now quickly sign it.

TalkingPointsMemo.com headline at 11:20PM, January 1, 2013.


The pressure in particular was on the hapless House Speaker John Boehner. The rightwing radicalized nature of the "Tea Party" / Teabagger House Republicans -- safe in their gerrymandered districts -- made this a most unusual and even scary process. America is beginning to resemble a banana republic in how its national government operates.

A dog at the New Year's Eve house party in Washington, D.C., 1:12AM January 1, 2013.

I'm not sure what was the dog's name. She seemed quietly perturbed by all the strange people in the house.


The picturesque Northumberland building located at 2039 New Hampshire Avenue NW -- right next to the Hampton Court -- in Washington, D.C., on a gloomy New Year's Dayd, 4:19PM, January 1, 2013.

I doubt I'll be in Washington, D.C., when the year matches up to this building's address (see lead image).

This building was featured in some 1980s action adventure movie.


I'm actually surprised that Speaker Boenher allowed the bill to come to the floor at all, esp. considering the revolt that appeared to be brewing against it among the House GOP earlier today. He also broke the "majority of the majority" / Hastert rule.

This will be followed quickly by the next debt ceiling debacle and continuing to fund the Federal Government as the current CR expires -- as well as the whole sequestration issue. In all, it will be a big sh!t show from February to April with the usual hostage-taking, threats, agonies, and whatnot.

We will see how badly Obama negotiates with himself in that one and how much of the store he gives away.

The steps on the west side of Meridian Hill Park, Washington, D.C., 4:22PM, January 1, 2013.

I had to walk to Best Buy to buy a cordless phone and then to the grocery store. The cordless phone is what I need for the year-long RCN cable/internet/phone deal, even though I likely won't actually ever use the phone. (It was supposed to be digital but the building does not have that capability, so it's just a phone plugged into a regular jack.)


As it is, I calculated that my paycheck would decline by approx. $100 if the post-"fiscal cliff" tax laws all went into effect versus a decline of about $50 with the passage of the Senate bill into law. The reason is till drop at all is because payroll taxes rise 2% to their previous levels from some years ago. My current twice-a-month paycheck amount is a tad under $1823.

The steeple and clock faces of All Souls Church, Unitarian along 16th Street NW, Washington, D.C., 5:06PM, January 1, 2013.

It looked kinda spooky in the gathering gloom of the cloudy evening.


I base this on information in this WaHoPo article and with this tax calculator from the Tax Policy Center. I had to make some assumptions.

I know that Matthew "M. Wade Tipamillyun" Henry, a JR's bartender, for years earn more than that per week in tips (probably around $2,000 and maybe more), and may still do so -- when he's not playing skool teecher.


Turning to the weather, there's frickin' none to speak of coming for at least a week ... 

NWS radar mosaic of a portion of the eastern U.S. at 0248UTC (9:48PM EST), 02 January (Jan. 1st) 2013.


Yes, a minor shortwave disturbance is moving across North Carolina tonight with some light precipitation down there (see above radar image) and it overspread the D.C. area with clouds today so that it was a rather gloomy day with seasonally chilly temps for highs. It reached 45F at KDCA, which is +3F above the normal daily high. The overnight (morning) low was 38F or +9F, so the overall net daily departure was +6F.

However, as I said, it is a dull pattern with no weather systems of note for the next 7 days.

Trees in Meridian Hill Park overlooking 16th Street NW, Washington, D.C., 4:24PM, January 1, 2013.


I intend to post another weather-themed entry to supplement this one in the next few days. I also want to talk about having the Washington, D.C., official climate station at Reagan Washington National Airport (KDCA), and why it sucks.

In short, though, here are some high (low) lights from last year:

The December 2012 average for KDCA was 45.3F or +5.6F, so it failed even to tie the warmest December on record, 45.6F or +5.9F in 1984. It was even second warmest (that was 45.5F in 1971, 1982, and 2001).

However, for the year it was 61.5F or +3.4F, thus making it the warmest year on record for Washington, D.C. For reference, a climate 3.4F above Washington, D.C., is akin to that of Atlanta, Georgia.

The view to the southwest from Meridian Hill Park in Washington, D.C., looking all the way toward Virginia and (barely visible in my low-quality cellphone image) the Skyline Towers complex along Leesburg Pike about 7 miles away; 4:24PM, January 1, 2013.


It was also the warmest on record at Dulles Airport climate station (KIAD), although its record period stretches back only to 1961. (The full Washington, D.C., and Baltimore records are back to 1871, with National Airport and BWI Airport climate stations becoming the official observation spots, I believe, in 1941 and 1950, respectively.)

A "close up" image in my low-quality cellphone camera from Meridian Hill Park looking southward, Washington, D.C., 4:26PM, January 1, 2013.

A sliver of my apartment building (indeed, maybe even my apartment windows themselves) is visible between the two other buildings. The pyramid structure "atop" (behind) it is the Masonic temple (Supreme Council No. 33) on 16th Street. And the top of the Washington Monument about 2 miles away is visible poking up above the building.


The recently restored Joan of Arc equestrian statue located in Meridian Hill Park, Washington, D.C., 4:27PM, January 1, 2013.

I wrote in this entry back in April 2012 about her restoration. I also submitted a pic from that entry to Wikipedia and it was eventually (about four months later) posted to the article on Meridian Hill Park where (as of now) it is still in use. (I didn't want to post it myself and asked that no credit be given identifying me.)


It was also almost certainly the warmest year on record for the contiguous United States (Lower 48 plus D.C.) -- surpassing 1998. However, it will be a couple of weeks before the final NOAA / NCDC numbers are out. And, of course, it will be among the warmest years globally, perhaps the warmest.

It was below normal on precipitation at all three regional airport climate stations (KDCA, KBWI, and KIAD).

KDCA had 32.45" of precip or -7.29" (normal 39.74")
KBWI had 37.42" of precip or -4.46" (normal 41.88")
KIAD had 35.62" of precip or -5.92" (normal 41.54")

"Normal" is based on the 30-year period of 1981 - 2010.

The 2011 tallies were 46.89" / 56.52" / 46.20", respectively.

Ten of the 12 months had below normal precip at KDCA including December (by 0.02").

Oh, and OF COURSE, snowfall was below normal. Amazingly, though, KDCA managed to have 0.2" in December (on the 24th). KBWI had 1.4" and KIAD had 2.2" for December.


OK, I'm going to wrap up this entry right now. I need to get to work tomorrow on time. Also, tomorrow is the scheduled all day water outage in my apt. building -- the second rescheduling of the originally planned one.

I will try to update this blog tomorrow night, or if not, then Thursday night.



Pete said...

Hi Regulus, I wrote to you last night from an older post but am not sure if you would have received that given it was a post from about 2008, I think. I live in LA and found you because I went to OLOL was looking for pics of church/school and came across your website. I would be interested in seeing more pics if you have them. Did you know that there is a "tunnel" between the school and the church, which is used on rainy/snowy days to bring kids from the school to church on First Fridays? Not sure if it's still in operation. Please don't post my email address, but it is pkreysa@calfac.org. You can write me and let me know if you have some more pics. I can't figure out how to communicate with you otherwise via the website. Nice blog you have. Best. - Peter

Regulus said...

I answered you over there. Please see that comment.