Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Night Musical Interlude - January 4th 2013 "Resolute" Edition

Paul Hardcastle -- Bird Island (1996)

Yes, this is another Paul Hardcastle delightful piece from his Hardcastle 2 release in 1996 and complete with stunning shifting tropical island scenery in this video.


Euge Groove -- Just Feels Right (2005)

Such a serene and happy piece.


Jay-Z with Alicia Keys - Empire State of Mind (2009)

Wonderful song and video. I'm not sure why it's not already incorporated into the Big Apple's tourism ads.


Oh, and since I never posted it in 2012 (and before we get too far into 2013) ... .

Jay Sean ft. Nicki Minaj -- 2012 (It Ain't The End) (2012)

I have to say that it's kind of hard to take the slight and delicate looking Jay Sean seriously as a globe-trotting, high-rolling, ultra-cool R & B / hip hop artist that is a naturally irresistible straight male sex machine partying at the finest clubs in London, New York, and wherever else.

Now Nicki Minaj is another story. She's crazy. Like a diva fox.

I was first really introduced to Minaj early in 2012 (yes, I'm always well behind on these pop cultural things) when she performed that astonishing Exorcist-like "Roman Holiday" spectacle at the 2012 Grammy awards which you may watch here.


OK, that's all for now. I am going out to get some dinner and then go to No. 9 and perhaps Stoney's. I'm actually not feeling well -- extremely tired -- but it is Friday night and I like my solo outings such as they are. I haven't heard from anybody (Gary, Kristof, Jamie, Andrea, et al.).

(Updated 11:06PM) Actually, I think I will instead go to Nellie's tonight and stop first at The Saloon on U Street for dinner. I'll go to Old Ebbitt Grill and No. 9 tomorrow night.

I plan to post a few entries over the weekend including ...

* My New Year's resolution, such as it is, involving how I will feel should the occasion arise about erstwhile pretty boys, all self-absorbed yet middling and lily-livered, from American suburban bourgeois families in the far-flung D.C. commonwealth exurbs in houses full of vacuum cleaners, plasma screen TVs, and papa Bushmasters. I refer to no one in particular.

* A political-themed entry on how flippin' irritating is GOP insanity in service of corporate oligarchy (and why it would just be so much better for everyone all around if the American South really were its own country (well, OK, maybe not ethnic or racial minorities of any kind, gays, many women, and anyone with learning, knowledge, reason, compassion, and humanity).

Oh, and also a weather-themed entry.


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