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Some More Post-Newtown Incident Commentary and Thoughts on America's Firearms Fetish

Updated 12/19/2012 at 956AM: See below.

An impromptu memorial in the town center in Newtown, Conn., on the brightly sunny morning of December 15, 2012.


This is actually the blog post I wrote last night but was unable to post because it was so late and I ran out of pictures. However, I still want to post it -- and I'm trying again tonight -- while it is still topical and relevant.

New York Times print edition headline (in electronic version) on December 16, 2012 with the list of names of the 27 victims in the mass shooting in Connecticut including 26 at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown as well as the killer's mother.

A few items ...

For starters, I am VERY happy that the group Anonymous has turned its collective sights on the Westboro Baptist Church genetically in-bred hate-group as a result of the in-bred hate-group's plans to "picket" the funerals of the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass killings on Friday in Newtown, Conn.

Check out the rather amazing Vimeo video.

On Tuesday, Anonymous attacked the group's website. Good.

As for other gun nuts and sociopaths, Larry Pratt of the Gun Owners of America was on Hardball on Monday night spewing the usual garbage about always impending armed insurrection, and why all those small children could have been saved if EVERYONE on Planet Earth had a machine gun arsenal with them at all times capable of firing off 6.02x10^23 rounds per second of glorious Star-Spangled Banner freedom.

Washington Post Express print edition front image on Dec. 18, 2012.


At least the NRA had the decency strategic sense to be quiet for a few days on its Twitter account. But that's is a ploy to lie low for a brief period -- it's the strategy it employs as it anticipates these mass-shootings.

NRA Freedom in Peril brochure (2006) illustration (see Mother Jones link above).

In this case, NRA is planning some weird "initiative" to combat mass murder shootings in school -- not sure how but presumably by giving all 1st graders free Bushmaster AR15's.

As for the NRA's CEO and Executive Vice President, Wayne LaPierre LaPissoire, he's as much a conspiracy-minded survivalist lunatic as Pratt -- i.e., a present day Republican.

Reposting: Adam Lanza's victims with their ages.


Oh, and there was the usual "it's God's punishment for abortion and gay marriage" cold-morning steamy-hot fresh horsesh!t from James Dobson, head of what Bartcop aptly calls"Focus on the Handj*b."

Ditto from that fat clown Mike Huckabee.

In any other SANE and rational First World representative democracy -- not the bizarre 21st Century corporate oligarchical state with a 19th Century mindset and intellect that is America -- groups such as these three would be banned as the hate groups they are.

As it is, in WaHoPo Editorial Board World, there will be the usual useless editorials said in unctous and ponderous tones, "However odious the Free Speech, we must protect and defend and cherish it --" 

That's the stuff that gets the first year legal students (years later the Wall-P type corporate legal stooges) all intellectually titillated in class. It's also the kind of crap that "Brookings legal scholar" Ben Wittes -- he of the halcyonic 1990s at The WaHoPo when it was all about Monica's Dress -- writes in his sleep.

Furthermore, in America, any hate-group, cult, or money-making corporate scam can organize itself into a pile of steaming poop -- but as long as it calls itself a "religion," the law itself breaks its own ass defending "the right" of that "religion" to do whatever it wants -- all tax free.

Perhaps the most noteworthy thing is that while Fox News Politboro put out the word that there was not to be any discussion of gun control policies, the Nikita Khrushchev of the VWRC's Media Agit-Prop machine, Rupert Murdoch, most definitely wants there to be some kinds of restrictions.

Reposted: Carlee Soto on her cellphone moments after finding out that her sister, teacher Victoria Soto, had been killed, Dec. 14, 2012.


As for Republicans, they are making temporary obligatory noises about the need to "have this debate" about restrictions on unlimited fire power in the hands of any psychopath, sociopath, lunatic, or otherwise mentally ill person.

But that's all bullsh!t -- there isn't the slightest chance any meaningful restrictions on automatic and/or semi-automatic weapons (however the hell defined), magazine clip capacity, rounds per second, or whatever going into effect.

More NRA psycho-sexual firearm fantasies of straight white men defending their families following the total collapse of society because of satanic and/or non-white urban hordes -- this one from a 2006 NRA brochure (see Mother Jones link above).

Presumably the guy has to sleep occasionally. But I guess Jesus will be appearing in the clouds any moment.

Updated 12/19/2012 at 956AM ...

Just as a few extra thoughts on this picture (since I was thinking about it this morning):

What happens when the candle burns out? Or worse yet, when he runs out of ammo? He can't have an infinite supply of it. Presumably, all of society has collapsed, so it's not clear how he will get his supplies, esp. living in a seemingly suburban location. In short, I don't see how he and his family survives very long even with an arsenal of NRA-blessed weapons.

Another image from aforementioned NRA 2006 brochure. The gangs sure look scary. Indeed, it looks like any day I walk down U Street or take the Green Line. Maybe I should have a cache of firearms. Actually, that's probably a bad idea.


It's because America is simply too psycho-sexually enthralled with firearms, or rather, an intractable portion of its population with disproporation political power (i.e., Red State white males with apocalyptic and/or testosterone-laden fantasies who probably make love with their firearms within eyesight) to have any kind of sensible limitations or restrictions.

Oooh, and the way the rest of the world sees us.

OK, I'm done with the topic for now.


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