Monday, December 24, 2012

Some Christmas-Themed Images

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No, this is not a Thomas Kinkade Christmas-themed painting, at least I don't think so.


Sanford & Son Exchange:

Fred: "You didn't even believe in Santa Claus when you was a kid."
Lamont: "Well, who's fault was that?? You're the one who told me there was no Santa Claus."
Fred. "I didn't say there was no Santa Claus! I said wuzn't no white man in a red flannel suit gonna' come 'round this neighborhood at midnight!"

I'm not sure if this illustration is cute or "trippin'" -- the tiny elf-like creatures put it over the top.


Santa Claus on a snowy day in Jersey City, New Jersey, December 2008. Source here.


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OK, I'm heading to my mom's place in Anny Runnell Kenny now. I may update the blog from there tonight or tomorrow.

Merry Christmas


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