Saturday, December 8, 2012

Saturday Night Gay Fevered Reflections

**Updated 4:18PM 5/30/2014: See below. **

Psychedelic* Christmas window decorations at Miss Pixie's Furnishings and Whatnot store, 14th Street NW, Washington, D.C., 11:43PM, December 5, 2012.

*What else would you call a hot pink Christmas tree and marshmallows on strings for "snowflakes"??


I had intended a very different kind of entry but I sort of ended up with the one below.

**Updated 4:18PM 5/30/2014: Content removed. **

As for Metro Weekly, what is the most morally offensive aspect of it to me is the urban gay fantasy world in which it dwells. It images a world of 20-something hot, beautiful, wealthy, and perfectly well adjusted gay men all living in the D.C. Gay Emerald City. The picture at left is actually the image on the Dec. 6, 2012 print edition, and it accompanies this story about gay travels to fabulous places.

Sure, it frets about "marriage equality" and posts sundry homophobic comments on the "Last Word" back page that was invariably made during the preceding week by this or that fundamentalist Christian preacher, GOP pol,  celebrity on Hollywood's rightwing (or an ignorant 21-year old hip-hop artist), a random crazy Teabagger, or even some would-be genocidal religio-psycho in Uganda.

But in general, it posits an urban gay fantasy land bubble-world of gyms and bars, not to mention summer weekends in Rehoboth / winter ski trips in Aspen, as well as who met who for sex on "Grindr" that collectively has very little bearing on how actual human beings live, including many in this very same gay community.

It is a profoundly different kind of publication than the Washington Blade, which like its now-defunct New York City counterpart, developed its sensibilities in a very different time, in particular, during the AIDS pandemic of the 1980s. The paper very nearly disappeared a few years ago when Window Media shut down, but it managed to find a way to survive under its current name.

The Blade takes itself far more seriously and tries to give voice to everyone, including, bafflingly, the Republican "point of view," -- with a resulting level of self-righteousness makes it more or less unreadable.

Oh, yeah, not shockingly, David Perruzza long ago "banned" the Blade from being distributed inside his little gay fiefdom -- a move that surely could have been contested. (I'm unsure if that edict is still in effect.) It had something to do with a battle between him and the former editor Chris Crain. I'm sure there was more to it than that, though.

**Updated 4:18PM 5/30/2014: Content removed**


The view from my 5th floor apartment in the Hampton Courts looking to the southwest down New Hampshire Avenue, past the intersection of 16th and U Streets NW, with the towers of Rosslyn visible in the distance in Arlington, Va., 3:30PM, Dec. 8, 2012.

The Sun angle is very low this time of year.


I actually had not planned on writing about this particular topic. Rather, in the context of the ongoing December and 2012 warmth, I had intended a weather-themed entry, in particular, global climate change and the observation in this Rolling Stone piece on that just how many on-air TV meteorologists are climate change deniers.

A case in point is David Bernard, the "chief meteorologist" of the local CBS4 affiliate in Miami (pictured below with what appears to be bonded teeth and lipstick).

The very gay Bernard -- when not posting pictures of his dog "Dolly" -- regularly spouts a torrent of Tweets containing GOP Know Nothing climate change denialism.

Most notably, it includes the Alice-in-Wonderland, Up-Is-Down, 2+2=5 Bizarro World bullsh!t about "global cooling" allegedly underway. (Future reference, you always know you're dealing with a Fox News Teabagger type when they start in with allegedly ongoing "global cooling" horsesh!t).

February 13, 2012 David Bernard tweet

June 29, 2012 David Bernard tweet

He even had this deleted tweet on July 8, 2012 about how climate change concern was really a secret UN effort designed for "wealth redistribution."

Bernard is a gay rightwinger spouting standard GOP climate change Know Nothingism -- all of which is to my way of thinking a particularly obnoxious combination.

Global land-ocean temperature index, 1880 - 2011, source here.


As the FAIR Action Alert last July pointed out, it's not just that Bernard has no credentials in this field -- he has a broadcast meteorology degree from Mississippi State -- but that the national CBS News features him as a "severe weather / hurricane consultant."

Global temperatures, meteorological stations only from 1880 - 2011, source here.


As was pointed out in the Rolling Stone piece, having him as a consultant in a time of ongoing human-induced climate change is "like CBS deciding to cover a public health crisis by relying on a doctor who doesn't believe in germs."

On a totally unrelated note, December is averaging +6.1F above normal at KDCA and +6.6F above normal at KBWI so far. Just sayin' ...

Oh, and in in a world with NO polar ice caps, Bernard's fabulous gay life in Miami would be a skosh interrupted.


A few other notes ...
I made it to the gym today and then went grocery shopping.

The bustling Chinatown section of Washington, D.C., along 7th Street NW on a Friday night, 6:14PM, Dec. 7, 2012. I was walking to my holiday party at a downtown hotel.


As for the holiday party last night, it was fine, although I was dressed much too casually compared to everyone else and apologized profusely to the COO, whom I really like. He's a terrific guy -- with the coolest name ever. Unfortunately, I can't write it here.

Scene from last night's office Christmas party, downtown Washington, D.C., 9:00PM, Dec. 7, 2012.

I brought Gary to the party and afterwards he and I and a co-worker (Chris) went to Stan's at Vermont Ave and L Street. Such a strange place. I think the door security guy even recognized me as he sort of waved me in.


Right now, I'm planning on going to -- yes -- Nine (or "9") tonight and then perhaps to Nellie's. I probably won't be able to update this blog again until at least Monday night.


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