Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Of Distant Shorelines and 2AM Blog Entries

Entry #799

Sunrise on a very distant shoreline -- in Vietnam along the South China Sea.

Yes, I've posted this image once before.


OK, I wanted to separate out this entry from my previous one.

My work day was fine but it looks like there is a significant reorganization occurring where I work -- including the sudden departure of the COO that I like and with the really cool name -- and so I am a bit concerned.

I had an excellent gym workout tonight with my personal trainer including with weight lifting (as in bench pressing). I also was on the elliptical trainer and went swimming.

I'm taking tomorrow off from the gym after work and instead meeting Bishop Charlie at No. 9.

The view of the Cape of Good Hope from the nearby lighthouse. This is not the southernmost point on the African continent -- that would be Cape Agulhas about 90 miles away. (Yes, I've posted this image in a previous entry, too.)


The weather got a bit chilly, and it looks like Thursday's frontal passage could be a showery - windy one with the weather to follow actually feeling almost winter-like. However, no snow is in the offing, or at least none that I can see.

My next planned entry will be on Friday night, though I may try to post one on Thursday night.  Oh, and as you can see, I'm posting this entry around 210AM and will be getting into work my usual 1045AM and staying until nearly 7PM -- except tomorrow there is one of those frequent water shutoffs, so I have to be out of the shower by 930AM.


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