Thursday, December 27, 2012

Late December in the Brief Snow and Heavy Rain

My mom took this photograph -- a (briefly) snowy morning coating the ground outside her office on Evergreen Road in Severna Park, Md., 9:49AM December 26, 2012.


Well, I was gearing up to post an entry about my Christmas day -- obviously, my first and second entries posted on December 25th did not count as a recap, especially the second one.

However, at this point I am quite tired and should get a decent night sleep, so the entry will have to wait until either Friday evening or Saturday (since I am not planning on taking the computer home from work tomorrow, although maybe I will).

A rainy night looking south down 15th Street from Rhode Island Avenue NW, Washington, D.C., 8:15PM, December 26, 2012.


I did not go into the office today but instead worked part of the day from home. I completed a compliance report with a revised recommendation for a county in West Texas. Tomorrow, I will go into work as a regular day, although the office is quite empty this Christmas holiday-shortened week.

I wonder if I'll be at this job next year. There is so much uncertainty in the world.


D.C. Water-World - Part 1

The announced all-day water outage in the building due to construction along New Hampshire Avenue and/or U Street and/or 16th Street did not come to pass today because of the inclement weather. It was rescheduled for Friday. However, on Friday I need to be home by 2PM (maybe earlier) for the cable technician who is coming to install some sort of "digital phone" that allegedly will knock $20/per month off my cable/internet bill for a year. I talked about this topic here.

I hate when the water is out. I'm always afraid it won't come back on, even in the planned outages with stated start and finish times.

The above logo is the new one that DC WASA adopted in 2010 to go with its new name public name, "DC Water." There is an online version one, too.


D.C. Water World - Part 2

Speaking of water -- from the sky, that is ...

Today started out with sleet and snow -- even accumulating on grassy areas and cars -- but then it turned to a steady rain with 1+ inch area-wide. Preliminarily, through 9PM, it looks as though KDCA had 1.41", KBWI had 1.01", and KIAD had 1.40". Updated 12/27/2012 10:34AM EST: The daily (and storm) totals were KDCA: 1.42" / KBWI: 1.05" / KIAD: 1.41"

I'll will have final numbers for December and 2012 next week.

It is still raining lightly / drizzling at the 11PM hour as the sprawling low pressure system pulls slowly up the East Coast, northeast. However, there is colder air just west of here and it turned back to snow (at 9PM it was 34F at KIAD but 47F at KBWI). It could turn briefly back to snow even here in D.C.

NWS surface analysis of the continental United States (Lower 48) and adjacent regions issued at 0424UTC (11:24PM EST), December 27th (26th), 2012. The low appears to be centered somewhere between Salisbury, Md., and Dover, Del.


The main areas of rainfall are in New Jersey and New York and into New England.

The radar mosiac of the northeastern continental U.S. at 0338UTC (10:38PM EST), December 27th (26th), 2012.


Looking ahead, there is a chance of a snow and /or mixed precipitation event on Saturday. However, the stupid NCEP "MAG" page is down again, and so I can't look up the models.

As for the NWS civil servants at "Central Operations," they are probably having an urgent conference call with their Alaska field office counterparts discussing the topic of whether the criteria in fact was met to issue a brisk wind advisory versus a heavy freezing spray warning for the waters of the Bering Sea based on the fractional coverage of floating ice.

As it is, here is the Sterling LWX grid point icon-based forecast (2miles NNW Washington, D.C.) for Dec. 27 - 30, 2012.


I had a good gym workout tonight -- I even managed to jog just over 4 miles over 52 minutes + 5 minute cooldown. I also spent 34 minutes on the elliptical trainer and did some machine-based weight-lifting. I did not go into the swimming pool, though.

Indeed, if the treadmill plus elliptical trainer readouts are to be believed, it was slightly over a 1,000 calorie workout over 91 minutes. Not sure I believe that. As it is, I was feeling fat, but my weight is still at 164 pounds (or at least it was after the workout). I am supposed to meet Tony tomorrow (my personal trainer). However, my legs are rather sore and I probably will not do a big cardio routine tomorrow.

The National Capital YMCA at 17th Street and Rhode Island Ave NW, 4:53PM, December 26, 2012.


Oh, yes, I went grocery shopping earlier today. And tonight, after the gym, I stopped briefly at No. 9 for a drink (well, actually, it was two since there is a two-for-one as part of an extended happy hour).

The yard of the house at 1919 16th Street NW, Washington, D.C., 4:38PM, December 26, 2012.


That's all for now. I'll refrain from any political commentary on the suddenly-impending debt ceiling -- due to be "hit" on this coming Monday, although allegedly the Treasury Dept. can finengle accounts to keep paying for as long as "two months."

I'm not sure if Obama is "playing hardball" with the GOP crazies or just looking for a quick way to "cave in" via sweeping "entitlement reform" and a few bits of stimulus that will prove totally ineffectual -- thus discrediting the very concept.  At this point, I am convinced now that he would allow the country to go into default rather than exercising any extreme powers -- in particular the whole 14th Amendment approach. (As Michael Lind suggested in a related context, such an approach is far more likely to be undertaken in the future by a Republican president during some severe crisis triggered by America's severely dysfunctional political system.)

Obama is a "realist" who believes "in the process" regardless of the radicalism, insanity, or damage done by the GOP crazies. Furthermore, he is at heart by any real measure a center-right, pro-corporate Democrat who basically believes in "entitlement reform" of the sort demanded by the Beltway media elite (HQ'd at the WaHoPo Editorial Board).

As a result, he will ultimately side with all the corporate-funded "Fix the Debt" astro-turf organizations that want to "privatize" Social Security and turn it into yet another trillion dollar Ponzi scheme based on asset bubbles inflated through CDOs and mountains of financially toxic bullsh!t. Yet, as Paul Krugman would say, "the Very Serious People" will be there to endlessly tell us how great it is that the beleaguered working and lower middle classes are forced to gamble their life savings in the rigged casino of the stock market -- all while a never-ending parade of middlemen skim endless fees in the process.

As for budgetary issues, always remember that America's real "budget crisis" is because of the hyper-inflation in its overall for-profit health care industry, and the Affordable Care Act ultimately did not really address that issue. This is why Medicare has a potentially serious financial issue -- and raising the Medicare eligibility age, to say nothing of "voucherizing" it, would simply shift the burder to those who cannot afford it. Raising the eligibility age would also save scant money for the Federal Government.

In short, Obama only LOOKS liberal -- or even, nonsensically, "Socialist" -- by America's present-day lunatic Talk Radio / Fox News standards.

Rainy night view of 14th Street from Rhode Island Avenue NW, Washington, D.C., 8:17PM, December 26, 2012.

That is the Liquor Barrel place. I was doubling around the block to P Street first to go to the CVS and then No. 9.


I'm home now at this late hour watching very funny episodes of Happily Divorced and Hot in Cleveland. Cyndi Lauper is the guest star (not as herself) on the former (though she does sing a brief lovely rendition of "Someone to Watch Over Me").

OK, that's all for now.  My next planned update will be on Friday night.


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