Tuesday, December 25, 2012

"Do You Hear What I Hear?" -OR- A Good Christmas Day 2012

A snowy yuletide scene from the Mannheim Steamroller version of the famous 1962 Christmas song (linked here) "Do You Hear What I Hear?"


Bing Crosby's famous version of the same Christmas song.

"Said the bartender to the drunk tonight, 'Do you want a shot now? Do you want shot now?' A shot, a shot, all boozy in the night, will make us feel alright / Will make us feel alright! ... Said Chris Heron to the drunks everywhere, 'Do you want a shot now? Do you want a shot now?' Chris Heron, Chris Heron, bartending in the night! Chris Heron will bring us goodness and light! CHRIS HERON WILL BRING US GOODNESS AND LIGHT...!!!"

Ha ha


Today was a good day -- but I shall write about that later.

Also, today I got a hippopotamus for Christmas!

Meet Patrick Henry the Pygmy Hippo.

"Only a hippopotamus will do ..."


Gayla Peevey on her Ed Sullivan Show appearance singing her signature song.

"... and hippopotamuses like me, too!!"


I am going to update this blog over the next half hour -- my main goal was getting it posted by midnight. I will note when I am finished updating it.

Otherwise, that's all for now.

UPDATE / CORRECTION 12:26AM 12/26/2012: I will post my Christmas dinner and post-dinner pictures in my next entry. I need to sleep now.


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