Saturday, December 15, 2012

Close Encounters of the Yeardley Smith #9 and Metrorail Car #1000 Kind

**Updated 10:02PM 6/16/2014: See below.**

A pinkish-red rose growing in the yard of the Swann House bed and breakfast place at 1808 New Hampshire Avenue NW, Washington, D.C., 1:35PM, December 14, 2012.


Green traffic signal in the 1500 block of Q Street NW, Washington, D.C., 2:30AM, December 15, 2012. I was walking home from No. 9 a few hours ago when I took this picture.


Just a not so quick entry in the wee hours ...

So, yes, I ended up going out tonight to No. 9, where I had a nice time solo except for one thing ...

... the endlessly looping Japanese anime-cartoons -- five in all -- featuring bizarre story lines with gay violent p()rn that were on at least four of the eight or so upstairs monitors. Two in particuliar were gross, although later I was able to tune them out.

It was disgusting and this is why I RARELY go to the movies in the theatre -- I prefer to have a sense of what I am about to see.

The other four showed music videos (all the same and some of which I liked) with sound cranked up on the songs.

Also, of the three bartenders there that I like, two of them seem to like me while the third (who is the sort I tend to find most attractive, although all three are very appealing), at best, doesn't know what to make of me.

**Updated 10:02PM 6/16/2014: Content removed.**

All that aside, there was one other thing that was certainly the most noteworthy aspect of the night ...

When I went downstairs at one point, I saw a distinguished-looking, nicely dressed, petite lady seated in one of the semi-circular alcoves with a half dozen gay guys around her.

I immediately recognized her as Yeardley Smith -- an actress best known as the voice of Lisa Simpson of The Simpsons for the show's entire run so far. I even could hear her talking.

Here she is pictured this past July in San Diego at a Comic-Con event.

It was quite amazing to see the person who is actually the voice of Lisa Simpson of The Simpsons, a show that is a long-running American cultural phenomenon

I would have really liked to meet her and maybe even done something as American gauche as ask for her autograph.

Alas, there was no way to get near her to say hello, and so I quickly went back upstairs, When I came back down no more than 5 minutes later, she and they had already departed.

As for her presence in D.C., I was not totally shocked -- she is from his area, or at least lived her for a period in her youth. But she is NOT (as I mistakenly believed) related to Jonathan Yardley of The Washington Post.

I actually recall her from pre-Simpsons when she played in a 1986 episode of Mama's Family "Where There's Smoke" as one of Bubba's former juvenile school-mates who has runaway -- specifically, Bonita Rokeke (pictured above).

Here are parts 1 and 2 of that episode from YouTube ...

Part 1: "Where There's Smoke" -- Mama's Family (1986)

Part 2: "Where There's Smoke" -- Mama's Family (1986).

That is Smith, then 22 years old, in the YouTube part 2 still frame seated at the far right.

My favorite line: "The last SLIME BALL who called me that got a TONGUE-ECTOMY!"

She's come a long way from that to the refined lady I saw sitting at that table with all those attractive young gay men.


Metrorail Train Car Counting ...

Yes, car #1000 on the Red Line earlier on Friday heading from Metro Center to Dupont Circle, Washington, D.C., 12:47PM, Dec. 14, 2012.

The 1000 series are the first of the six different series of Metrorail train cars -- the original from the start of the system. And car #1000 along with its "married" partner car #1001 were the FIRST two of the Rohr 1000 series to be numbered, so it stretches back to the start of the system in 1976. (NO, it does NOT run to car 1999 but stops in the 1200's or thereabouts before jumping to the 2000 series. We're up to the 6000 series and soon to start the 7000 series. Cars 8000 and 8001 are the "ghost train" money cars and don't count.)

I've been in car 1000 many times over the years.


Exiting the Dupont Circle Metro station on the Q Street escalator side, Washington, D.C., 12:51PM Dec. 14, 2012.

BTW, if you are a tourist -- especially a Middle American one -- who rolls into D.C. to see our fair Nation's Capital, please DO NOT stand on the left side. You will be RUDELY told to GET THE HELL out of the way by the locals, even some of the otherwise nicest ones.


The 2000 block of New Hampshire Avenue NW, Washington, D.C., 1:30PM, December 14, 2012. That is my ruddy-red brick building -- the Hampton Court(s) -- on the right side of the avenue. It's address -- 2013 -- matches up to the year next year.


OK, that's all for now. I still plan to update the blog this weekend with one and possibly two entries, as I am backed up on posting topics. I am getting to bed at the 6AM hour, which means I'm probably not even going to get up tomorrow until nearly 4PM. My throat is so sore right now that I'm thinking I need to go to the doctor. Also, I'm taking the weekend off from the gym.


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