Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Second (and Better) Batch of Photos from a First State Wedding

Andrea and Imara dance at their wedding held at the Delaware Museum of Natural History, 8:54PM, November 17, 2012.


This entry is a follow-up to my previous entry No Small Wonder: A Saturday Trip to Delaware and a Friend's Wedding in order to post four pictures that Jake sent me of the wedding I attended Saturday in Delaware.

Jake took scores of pictures but these are the four he sent me. Jake said he will be posting more on the Facebook, but accessing the Facebook on my work laptop is frowned. And the images themselves are, like, 6MB each.

Andrea and Imara exchanging vows at their wedding ceremony, Delaware Museum of Natural History, 8:14PM, Nov. 17, 2012.

Gary is in the picture. I'm seated next to him but not visible in this picture (I'm just eclipsed by the bride).

Oh, and that's the model Yangchuanosaurus, the Asian relatives of the North American dinosaur Allosaurus. The actual fossilized bones of this creature (specimen) are in China, where they were discovered nearly intact in 1985.


Andrea and Imara exchanging vows at their wedding ceremony, Delaware Museum of Natural History, 8:16PM, Nov. 17, 2012.


Well, that's pretty much the extent of the pictures I have except for one more below.

I am physically exhausted right now but for a good reason -- I had a really good gym workout (which occurred following a 4 day hiatus that was really upsetting me). I spent 51 minutes on the treadmill (in two segments) and 20 minutes on the elliptical trainer, and then had a good session with my personal trainer. This time we were actually in the weight room rather than doing the aerobic and anaerobic and resistance training that we've been doing for most of our time. Oh, and then I went into the swimming pool for 20 minutes.

I've extended my association with Tony for another 8 sessions, except he is giving me some for free. I'm actually supposed to go again tomorrow. He seems to like me as a friend and enjoys our time together. Tony is in tremendous shape in that large but softly muscular way that I like. (No, I don't look like that at all.)

Yours truly posing with the model Tyrannosaurus rex at the Delaware Museum of Natural History, 7:40PM, November 17, 2012.

Yes, I had the same pose in a picture taken with my cellphone camera and posted in the previous entry, but this one is of a far superior quality.


My weight is 165 pounds, so I'm down 20 pounds from my peak just before I rejoined the gym in late June. But I've reapportioned about 25 pounds or so. Of course, I don't look like any of the buff, hot, young guys (gay or straight) in their 20's, and I never will.

Yes, I missed that ship when I was in my 20s.


Anyway, this is just a very short entry as I need to be in bed no later than 1230AM. I can't keep staying up until 2AM and then getting into work at 1045AM, although that has become my schedule of late (yes, I stay a full 8 hours until nearly 7PM).

I'm supposed to visit my mom for Thanksgiving for a two-day visit. I may update the blog before that time, otherwise it will be on Wednesday night.


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