Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mr. O'Henry's Creative Writing Class -- Drafting a Short Story

Welcome to Gaylord Wade O'Henry's Creative Writing Class!

"Like, okay, clahss, like, it's time to settle down and stahrt. Today I wahnt you to write a short story using one of the topics listed below. I've given you a choice of topics but you have to follow Freytags' Pyramid of Drahmahtic Structure that we learned last time: Exposition, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, and Dénouement."

"Like, oh my Gahwd, who's laughing? Stop laughing when I say that word or I'll send you to the principal's office. And, like, it's due in one week. Like, any questions? E-mail me if you need any help. Like, I won't ahctually ahnswer your question but will instead write a snark beeatch reply that makes me feel good. Like, okay?"

1. Out of Gas:

Uncle Matty goes to Tysons II and discovers his favorite Diesel jeans are not in stock -- even though he was promised -- and the Gay Kool Kidz party is TONIGHT. What does he do? Where can he find another $500 pair in time?


2. Log Cabin Republican Tax Policy:

Uncle Matty does his taxes and gets an unexpectedly big refund from the Government.


3. Ta-ra-ra Boom-de-ay!

Uncle Matty lands a part in a Gay '90s Revue as Miss Lottie Collins!

(Hint: Can he find the perfect drag outfit in time? Will he need a Bromo-Seltzer after the reviews are in??)


4. Montezuma's Revenge Time?

Uncle Matty and his current mirror-image boyfriend go on holiday to Ixtapa and forget to buy bottled water for a daylong side trip. Uh, oh ... now what?? Think fast.

5. Your choice. "But, like, whatevah you write, I better come out looking good!"

OK, that's all for now. Class dismissed.


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