Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday Night Musical Interlude, Nov. 23rd, 2012 Edition

The Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra performs Tangerine in the 1942 movie The Fleet's In. Bob Eberly first sings and then Helen O'Connell appears at 2:00 to perform her famous rendition of this song.

The song was published in 1941, music by Victor Schertzinger and lyrics by Johnny Mercer.

Here is a lovely version by Eliane Elias from her album Dreamer (2004).


Back homo in the D.C. Bubble in my dusty little apartment. Actually, I dusted today and did a lot of laundry including three loads of clothes and ALL my bedding (blankets and quilts).

One of the quilts kinda died in the washer, but it was a very old and shriveled one that I long ago washed when I should not have, thus starting its years' long decline. I ended up spending about $25 doing laundry (!).

Acoustic Alchemy's "The Panama Cat" from the group's album "The Beautiful Game" (2000)


Hiroshima's One Wish

I really love this piece. I posted this video just over two years ago in this entry along with several image stills from it showing beautiful and peaceful Japanese garden and/or park.


Owing to high expenses today (including laundry), I am posting my dinner night out until tomorrow (Saturday) night. However, I will still go out tonight to some combination of Larry's Lounge, No. 9, and Nellie's.

And in that going out mode, here is one final music clip in this entry that features something a bit more uptempo ...

Black Box's 1990 "Italo house" style hit dance song Strike It Up.

By the way, that gorgeous lead singer was really French West Indies model Katrin Quinol lip-synching to the lyrics that were actually sung uncredited at the time (until she sued) by Martha "It's Raining Men" Wash. That powerful voice wasn't coming out of that exotically beautiful but tiny little frame, no siree.


OK, that's all for now. I've been home watching the Friday night Antenna TV line up of 1950s/1960s comedy shows and sitcoms as I folded my laundry and composed this entry. 

Based on the sounds I hear outside, I would say that the forecasted cold front finally blasted through D.C., but it was a dry frontal passage and it's not really going to get that cold, just kinda average.  I guess I'll wear my thermals under my pants and over my boxer briefs, but I probably would have anyway.

OK, that really IS all for now.


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