Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Night Musical Interlude, Nov. 16th, 2012 Edition (Plus Brief Update)

"Off the Wall (Enjoy Yourself)" by Michael Jackson (1980)

"Tonight, gotta leave that nine-to-five upon the shelf / And just enjoy yourself / Let the madness in the music get to you / Life ain't so bad at all / Livin' off the wall..."

There was another version of this song by a group called Wisdome from he mid 1990s with a very interesting video (not fully shown in the linked YouTube clip above) that I recall seeing played a fair amount back then.  


As a quick update incorporated into this entry, my week was alright although quite tiring. I went to the gym twice and had good sessions with my personal trainer. Today at work I was relatively productive -- and I got to send one of the e-mails stating that the agency is freeing up a sizable portion of grant money, in this case, for a Texas ISD near Fort Worth. I like those.

"Walk on By" as performed by Peter White and saxophonist Boney James (released by White on his Reflections album in 1994).


Tonight, I am not feeling well (stomach issues) but I am still going to try to go out -- first to a solo dinner and then to P Street to No. 9. I doubt I'll make it to Nellie's tonight. For dinner, I'm not sure where to go -- perhaps P.J. Clarke's at K and 16th Streets (not quite a mile from me) or to Logan Tavern. I sit at the bar and dinner when I go out solo.

At this point, I've just finished doing my laundry, and I'm watching the Friday night old TV show line up on Antenna TV (and taking a break from the MSNBC political commentary show line-up that I watch variously at the gym on the treadmill or at home).

In particular, I was watching Father Knows Best (at it's heart, a surprisingly dark 1950s family sitcom) and trying to figure out what became of the bit actor Paul Wallace, who played Kippy Watkins in a handful of episodes. I simply could not find any info on him after 1982 on IMDB or anywhere online.

"Marimba" by Paul Hardcastle (1995)


Tomorrow, I am to go with Gary to Delaware just outside Wilmington to Andrea's wedding and reception. I'll try to go to the gym on Sunday and definitely on Monday. I'm visiting my mom for Thanksgiving, leaving Wednesday and returning on Friday (a week from today).

Looking ahead blog-wise, I would like to post two entries, one is a political-themed and the other the long-delayed one images of damage and devastation from Hurricane Sandy. But those will have to wait until Sunday and next work week, respectively. At least that's my plan now.

OK, that's all for now. My next planned update may be tomorrow but more likely on Sunday.


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