Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Wizard of BHO: Pay No Attention to the Crappy Debater Behind that Lectern


OK, I might as well get in a very quick entry this morning. I started writing this entry last night but it was too late and I was too tired. I had a good gym workout from treadmill to weights to a nice pool swim over at the YMCA where I go. I also carefully avoided the presidential debate outright even though it was on literally ever flatscreen and (no sound but closed captioned) on the TVs above the treadmills and elliptical trainers.

As for those debates, the verdict is that Obama gave one of his stereotypical shitty performances. He just sucks at debates. It's the community organizer and appeaser in him. He can't help himself. It's why he kissed Wall Street's ass rather than prosecuting them for 4 years.

I don't know how this will affect him.

I already sense the pollsters "sensing" a shift in momentum toward Romney. This will probably peak in two weeks and then it will shift a bit back. And then the election outcome will be ... who knows. Too many variables. 

At this point, I still think that Obama will probably narrowly win the popular vote and the Electoral College (which is all that matters). As for that Electoral College, it has been quite stable for many months now (with some states appearing to break toward Obama).

Here is how the RealClearPolitics map looks this morning -- before any post-debate polls are included. Obama only needs to win one of those toss-up states to reach the 270 figure. Obama is up 3.1 percent over Romney at 49.1 to 46.0 percent, but this will likely tighten to a tie over the next week or so.

Chris Matthews was red-faced freaking out over on MSNBC, as I saw on TV when I got home. Here is an article about that complete with video.

We will now have to endure endure political "analysis" stories by the likes of Mark Halperin about how Repug pols and Romney operatives are walking around "with a spring in their step" all while the GOP vast rightwing media propaganda machine -- which is never so vicious and insufferable as when they are winning -- chortles. Meanwhile, the mainstream media embodied in the WaHoPo will look to cover "both sides" of whatever trumped up and bogus issue it is in an "objective and even-handed fashion."

Oh, and Jim Lehrer is such an old jackass. I stopped watching his PBS Newshour show once Robert MacNeil left it.

As it is, I'm so fed up with this mediawhore-fed quadrennial "Red/Blue" Manichean split frenzied narrative that in the end often signifies so little substantive or meaingful in a country that's mostly just, well, dumb and increasingly non-functional.

All the billions of inane Tweets that must have gone out tonight including thousands just from that "Gang of 500" or so pundits and influential "political insider" types who apparently run D.C., where I incongruously live.

My co-worker and friend DD (who lives in Rockville) said of D.C. yesterday (when discussing how its real estate market basically was unaffected by the national crash in '08, but I think it applies to any number of areas about it):

"D.C. is not a city. It's Oz. It's a trumped up fantasy that operates according to its own rules."


And turning to D.C. and its weather ...

The weather continues to be shitty warm -- it reached 82F yesterday at KDCA and dew points were around 67F, so it was very humid as well. It's murky outside this morning following some light rain overnight. Tuesday witnessed a lot rain in the morning, esp. just west of D.C. with a a daily record of 2.35" at KIAD. Meanwhile, KDCA had 0.43" and KBWI received 0.54". All three stations are still below year-to-date by about 7 inches or about 22 percent.

The only good news is that a frontal system is forecasted to move through the area with rainy and much cooler weather, especially Saturday night (50POP rain and low of 49F).


OK, that's all for now. I plan to update the blog on Friday night.


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