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Labor Day Weekend 2012 -OR- 20 Years of Belaboring the Same Pointless D.C. Point

**Updated 10:11PM 6/16/2014: See below.**

Large plant (not sure the type) that grows in the yard at 1624 15th Street NW, Washington, D.C., 3:01PM, Sept. 2, 2012.


This Labor Day holiday weekend really didn't feature many -- well, any -- accomplishments. I managed to go grocery shopping on Saturday and I went to the Metro Center Macy's today and purchased a grand total (with reductions) of $182.61 worth of clothing (well, all clothting except two new wash clothes).

Stormy night (see below) down by the Watergate Complex, Washington, D.C., 7:55PM, Sept. 1, 2012. I was down there on Saturday night and realized that the Rivers at the Watergate restaurant / piano bar is no longer open (boo).

I walked over to the Old Ebbitt Grill and had a lobster dinner with salad at the Old Bar.


Approaching the Eisenhower Executive Office Building (also known as the Old Executive Building) in its Second Empire architectural glory at night on F Street NW, Washington, D.C., 8:14PM, Sept. 1, 2012.

That top-most lit window facing F Street really intrigued me -- what is inside that office and why was the light on?? (It actually wasn't the top-most window but it appeared that way from F Street.) I was walking to the Old Ebbitt Grill from the Watergate through the GWU district, and the streets were overflowing with students on a summery warm Saturday night.


Earlier this Labor Day, I planned to go to the Ballston Macy's in Arlington, but the wait time at Metro Center for an orange line was at least 15 minutes because I JUST MISSED a train as a result of zoning out on the Red Line from Dupont Circle, missing my stop, and having to backtrack from Gallery Place.

I figured God Demiurge was up to His usual immoral and/or amoral tricks in the pointless, indeed, obscene physical Universe that He runs, and so I just went to the Metro Center Macy's instead.

As a result of going to Metro Center Macy's, I never actually left the District of Columbia this holiday weekend.


The Weather ...

NCEP / HPC / NWS surface analysis for the Lower 48 U.S. at 18Z (2PM EDT), Sept. 3, 2012.


The day is a dreadfully humid, mostly cloudy, but bright one with air temps. around 82F and dew points around 72F. Showers and thunderstorms are again in the forecast as the remnants of what was once Hurricane Isaac ride along a quasi-stationary frontal boundary stretched from the Ohio River valley to the mid-Atlantic coast (see afternoon surface analysis map above).

Here is a somewhat more easily viewable weather map issued at 4:45PM EDT today showing the NCEP / HPC / NWS surface map forecast for the Lower 48 States and Canada.


However, at this 5PM hour, except for one t-storm with very heavy rainfall over Baltimore County (see radar image below) -- and an attendant flash flood warning -- there isn't much precipitation in the region.

Sterling (LWX) NWS radar in base mode reflectiviity, 5:00PM EDT, Sept. 3, 2012.


An absolute deluge of rain fell in parts of the District of Columbia yesterday evening into night, including the Dupont Circle and U Street / Cardozo areas, but there was a sharp cut-off near downtown and the official recording station at National Airpot (KDCA) had only 0.05" while Dupont Circle probably had about 2" of rainfall.

The (slowly) approaching deluge as seen from the rooftop deck of Nellie's looking to the north and northeast, Washington, D.C., 7:20PM, Sept. 2, 2012. I could actually see the heavy rainfall just up the hill wetting the north-south running numbered streets as I was walking down U Street but it still took 10 minutes to arrive where I was.


Rooftop deck at Nellie's during a downpour, Washington, D.C., 7:39PM, Sept. 2, 2012.


It deluged for much of the next hour before tappering off to a light rain. Again, almost nothing fell just a mile or so south of here and into Arlington/NoVa.  

However, on Saturday night there were storms in the area and KDCA had the jackpot with 1.64" of rain. The other two airports didn't get much of anything, but BWI Airport was deluged last Sunday (3.36").

We are still -6.33" for year-to-date at 20.40" (through 5PM today) at KDCA or about 24 percent below normal.

The moisture and ghost circulation remnants of Hurricane Isaac is supposed to provide the focus for a lot of rain along the Eastern Seaboard this week.

Here is the NCEP / HPC / NWS 5-day precipitation total forecast valid 0Z 03 Sept. 2012 through 0Z 08 Sept. 2012. This was actually issued yesterday at 2158Z (558PM EDT).


Washington, D.C. Climatological Summer 2012 -- Overview

Of note, climatological summer ended on Aug. 31st -- as opposed to astronomical or seasonal summer, which ends on or about Sept. 21st. Climatological summer ended up +3F above normal, or more precisely, +2.7F. This compares to +3.8F last summer and +4.2F in the summer of 2010.

But KDCA had the second most number of 100F+ days at 8 (versus 11 in 1930) and tied 1980 for the most number of 95F+ days at 28 and second-most number of 90F+ days at 50. Of note, it reached 105F on July 7, 2012 at KDCA (and for at least 1 minute tied the all-time record of 106F set in July 1930 and August 1918, but it doesn't count unless it is for 3 minutes; as I've noted, these are both pre-National Airport records).

In all, it has reached 105F or 106F five times in Washington, D.C., in the official weather record period and one of those days was this past summer (July 7th).

Concerning the 95F days, it reached 95F on Sept. 1st, so for the full season, we are at 29 and 51 days, respectively. The former surpasses the 95F+ tally in 1980 but the 90F+ tally of 67 days in 1980 and again in 2010 is quite safe.

Here was the write-up on the Capital Weather Gang site on Friday. I've updated the 95F+ and 90F+ tallies in this blog entry to take into account Saturday's highs.

A few other weather and climate notes:

*It was the driest August on record in Seattle (at KSEA) with just "Trace" rainfall (old record was 0.01" in 1974). Meanwhile, it was the wettest June on record at West Palm Beach (KPBI) with 22.66" of rainfall. However, it was not the wettest month ever -- that occurred in Sept. 2004 when 29.40" fell at KPBI.

*Arctic sea ice coverage this summer fell to the lowest ever in the 33 years of satellite record keeping stretching back to 1979.

Map of Aug. 26, 2012 Arctic Ocean sea ice extent versus the 1979 - 2010 average summer minimum extent, source here.

As of Aug. 26, 2012, George F. Will & WaHoPo Op-Ed Page Arctic Sea Ice Index was at 4.10 million square kilometers (1.58 million square miles) on August 26, 2012. This was 70,000 square kilometers (27,000 square miles) below the previous record low of 4.17 million square kilometers (1.61 million square miles) set September 18, 2007. There are a few more weeks when it could shrink before sea ice begins to expand.

The GOP Teabaggers -- presently in a truly weird (i.e., psycho-sexual) frenzy over their current object of veneration, Paul Ryan, and his bogus marathon victories and Ayn Rand utopian fetishes -- have yet to chime in on this latest "fraud" and why it "proves global cooling" and any other "facts" in their bizarro-world reality.

Meanwhile, in Oklahoma -- where lots of Teabaggers live -- it was a savagely hot summer. However, I wasn't able to get the numbers for Tulsa in time for this entry.

Oh, yes, the loser Democratic National Convention is this week.

You can be sure wussy Dems will -- instead of running on issues that help the actual American working class -- put on some "post-racial" PC-friendly Kumbaya group-grope while Jesus H. Obama descends from the rafters, all ensuring God-Demiurge's Ultimate Joke is realized -- a Romney presidency in its top 0.01% Bain Capital cultic glory.

Yes, Karl Marx was right: History repeats twice, first as tragedy, and then as farce. In this case, though, it's a double farce: George W. Bush and Williard Mitt Romney.

OK, enough of that.


A few other items ...

My gym (the YMCA National Capital) is supposed to reopen tomorrow after its 10-day annual summer shut down, and I plan to go there. I also plan to go on Wednesday and Thursday. I'm not sure how much of my progress has been lost / undone in these 10 days, but I'm NOT going to weigh myself for the time being. Recall I lost a solid 10 pounds AND I had managed to redistribute some of the remaining 173 pounds from ass and belly fat to a bit more muscle.

Remember that it's God-Demiurge's "Will" that I look like this:

Well, I refuse and screw you.


Secondly, I intend to post at least two entries in the next week. This includes the second batch of Jersey shore / Wildwood visit pictures, specifically, the ones taken by Wendy. However, I have to get them from her first on a flash drive, and realistically it may not happen until next weekend.

In the meantime, I plan to post an entry to note this that this upcoming week is the 20th anniversary of my arrival in the Washington, D.C., area.

**Updated 10:11PM 6/16/2014: Content altered and removed.**

For starters, I actually came to the D.C. area as a result of a bad situation at St. Shitty's College of Maryland in order to go to the Univ. of Maryland, College Park.

Yes, it was 20 years and ...4 college degrees (including 3 masters, two of which were a waste) ... $225,000 in unpayable / forever postponed student loan debt ... the Wall-P crowd (all money and married) ... and that whole, unpleasant 17th Street gay mafia ago.

Oh, yeah, not to mention having on the order of 20,000 drinks for which I spent about $100,000 including virtually tax-free tips.

Yes, all that ago.

To celebrate those frickin' 20 years / 7305 days / 175,320 hours in and/or around the District of Columbia ...


For the first two weeks, I stayed with Quill's parents in Silver Spring -- pictured above last month on a humid August evening -- before moving to College Park. I was on-campus for about 3 years and then off-campus for almost 5 years. I didn't actually move into D.C. proper until Feb. 2001 and I've been here ever since except for 9 months (June 2004 - Feb. 2005) when I again lived in Silver Spring.

And it was so peaceful inside as well as seen above. I've actually known Quill now for 22 years.


OK, that's all for now. I'll try to update this blog on Wednesday night. Meanwhile, make sure you always read your Paul Krugman -- daily blog and twice-a-week op-ed column (scroll down to bottom) in The New York Times online. 

Oh, wait, I also intend to post an entry with a few more pictures I found of Tradewinds (should I have been writing it all along as Trade Winds?) Beach Club to supplement this entry. I first need to scan them though. I found about a half dozen more pictures from way-back-when while going through a large plastic bag of photos, about a quarter of which I threw out.


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