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Regulus Blog Bitchriol -OR- A Visit to Alice-in-Global Cooling Wonderland, Summer 2012

**Updated 10:10PM 8/29/2014: See below.**

Cedar Mills Trail along Lynn Creek in North Vancouver, British Columbia. This wet, cool "second growth" forest is about 80 to 100 years old.


Let's see if I can get an entry posted WITHOUT another Bill Gates-makes-another-billion-dollars  "blue screen of death" crash. Yes, this computer is a total piece of crap at this point and I don't even care.

The computer crashes each time I log on -- but (so far) once that crash it out of the way and it's rebooted, it works fine. However, I realize that this is an untenable situation.

I have the option of taking my work laptop home but there are 3 issues there:

1. Will I still have a job after Monday? See previous entry.

2. I have to be more circumspect with content since it IS a work computer.

3. It would be quite inconvenient to tote the damn thing back and forth -- as I did with my previous work computer for 8 months from last July to early April of this year.

Even though my new computer is a bit smaller and lighter than the old one, my now-regular visits to the gym would make carrying it along with my wet and/or sweaty gym clothes problematic. I would need two bags.

As it is, I need a new bookbag.

Of course, issue #1 is the most paramount of them all.

If this computer in fact bites the dust -- it'll be home computer #2 in the past 3 years to do it, but if you count the near-death experience this one had and a replaced hard drive, then it is 3 times. Considering I (don't believe that I) never overtax or abuse it, it's amazing how much bad luck I have with them.

I HATES computers and I HATES the internets.

Maybe I can call you-know-who for "tech support" and listen to the Tourette-like outbursts.

I refer to the one who, speaking metaphorically -- although if faced with the actual situation, he might very well actually -- instead of driving a leisurely drive around the base of a mountain on a tropical paradisical island on a winding road next to a turquoise ocean would rather plow through the solid rock of the mountain because it's straight-line shorter. And, goddamn it, he's gonna do it HIS way and prove that he pulled himself up by his own bootstraps.

It was a level of off-the-charts passive-aggressiveness also mixed with explosion that made being friends impossible. It resulted in some other even scarier / bizarre episodes.


Speaking of no longer being friends, I have deleted the number of yet another of that old St. Mary's Shitty's College of Maryland crowd.

**Updated 10:10PM 8/29/2014: Content removed.**


The weather was frickin' hot and disgusting AGAIN today with ANOTHER high of at least 95F in D.C. -- it actually reached 96F at KDCA for a high. This is the 25th occasion of 95F or higher "officially" in Washington, D.C., so we are well on track to beat the 1980 record of 28 days. As for 100F or higher days, we are at 8, and I'm unsure if we will even tie the 11 days set in 1930.

I consider that 1930 record suspect -- that was also the year with the rounded-up 106F all-time high. I say "rounded-up" because it was actually 105.6F (and just rounded up to 106F)and it probably was an instantaneous temperature rather than "sustained" for 3 minutes as is now required.

Here was the headline in The WaHoPo the following day on July 21, 1930 with the article in question in the upper right. The WaHoPo reposted the front page as a PDF last month.

Indeed, by that instantaneous standard, we surpassed it with 106F on July 7th of this year when KDCA officially reached 105F, but it didn't meet the 3 minute threshold. I doubt that threshold existed in 1930 -- and furthermore, the climate station back then was in one of several different locations in downtown D.C. (possibly the one at M and 24th) rather than by the tidal Potomac River as it is now.

Now you can't tell most NWS operational meteorologists any of this. Many operational meteorologists embody the following traits ...

They LOVE their old records and don't want them broken, and as such will fight to preserve their integrity even when it is dubioius. They tend to be very by-the-weather textbook (even if that metaphorical textbook was last updated in 1960). And they tend to be anti-climate change and tilt conservative.

And quite a few (though not necessarily a majority) will vote for the crazy GOP candidate that will seek to "privatize" the National Weather Service and turning it into an AccuWeather or Weather Channel for-profit corporate monstrosity, losing accuracy and rigor and "the public interest" for American corporate commercial bullshit.

The result is that if you question old records, they either ignore you or denounce you as a "crank" and "ideologue" or -- in WaHoPo-speak -- "partisan and shrill."

Returning to today's weather, once again there was no frickin' rain or thunderstorms. They're always in the forecast but never come to pass.

The U.S. Drought Monitor updated July 31, 2012.

Oh, yes, the deadly heatwave and drought in the Great Plains continues apace. Indeed, unusually large swaths of the U.S. are in drought right now -- something like half the counties in the U.S. are now Federal disaster areas.

Tulsa, OK NWS county warning area map updated 6:19PM CDT, Aug. 4, 2012.

Parts of Oklahoma centered on Tulsa have been in the 110F to 115F range for highs all week with ongoing and intensifying drought conditions.

Brush fires burning near Oklahoma City, Aug. 3, 2012.


As a result, there have been wildfires burning around Oklahoma City and near Tulsa that have destroyed scores of homes including 25 in the town of Luther on Friday.

Wildfires engulf homes in Luther, Oklahoma, Aug. 4, 2012


Meanwhile, Oklahoma Sen. James "Pissquik" Inhofe continues to ruminate on "global cooling" from his Al Gore igloo, and his popularity only goes up with his constituents.

Over in North Carolina, some silly, venal state representative drafted and co-sponsored a bill (HB 819, Coastal Management Policies*) to make it a crime for the State of North Carolina to mention sea level rise in any planning documents.

The individual in question is Pat McElraft -- pictured at left -- and she is EXACTLY as you would expect: a GOP Know Nothing fundie and corporate-whore with a massive conflict of interest, to wit, her coastal real estate business interests.

**Updated 10:10PM 8/29/2014: Content edited / slightly removed.**

The location of State Representative McElraft's real estate empire in a world with no polar ice caps.

The bill, which was the subject of a skewering Colbert Report segment, naturally overwhelmingly passed the North Carolina yahoo-filled General Assembly and feckless governor "Bev" Perdue, living up to her chicken name, allowed the bill to become law -- without signing it.

*I think the actual enrolled law is listed under "text" as SL2012-202 and the direct link is here. Put this law in the category of the one "mandating" the value of pi.

Here members of the North Carolina General Assembly engage in careful deliberations.


OK, I think that's all for now.

Lastly, as for tonight, I'm not really sure what I'm doing. I may be meeting up with A. over on U Street, possibly to go to The Saloon with her friends, and later to Nellie's.

I will update this blog on Monday, assuming my computer hasn't totally crapped out by then.


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