Thursday, August 30, 2012

End of Summer Season D.C. Dreamscapes

Sunset on the National Mall tonight with the Washington Monument silhouetted about a half mile away, Washington, D.C., 7:22PM, Aug. 30, 2012. I was walking home after staying late at work.

In 3 weeks or so, D.C. will have its own version of a special equinox sunset that maybe we should call "Monumenthenge."


I am in the process of composing the first of two planned blog entries with pictures from my Jersey short trip. I have lots of pictures to post. However, I want to post a preliminary entry that includes items I wrote last night (and was going to post as an "entry-within-an-entry" except I have decided against that and I'm instead posting it in this entry) and tonight.

Sunset view on L'Enfant Promenade by L'Enfant Plaza, Washington, D.C., 7:16PM, Aug. 30, 2012.


I have been having trouble starting this entry because I continue to rather depressed over the usual topic. I am also unhappy that my gym presently is in its annual two-week shutdown and I cannot go until next Tuesday (Sept. 4th). I was doing really well with the gym workout and had lost 10 pounds, and redistributing some additional weight, but now this frickin' YMCA National Capital "annual shutdown" is underway, and I just know I'm going to totally lose all the gain.

I'm going to once again be a dugong-like creature, except I won't graze contently on sea grass in shallow sunlit tropical seas just off the coast of Africa, Arabia, Madagascar, Ceylon/Sri Lanka, the Malay-Indochina peninsula, and the sprawling Indonesia archipelago such as the Banda Sea, not to mention the Andaman and Nicobar Island chain.

Enid Haupt Garden at the Smithsonian, Washington, D.C., 7:20PM, Aug. 30, 2012.


Last night, I thought the TV dinner I ate -- a crappy and old Lean Cuisine -- was going to make me sick because it may have been the one in my bookbag for a full day over a week ago that I intended to throw out after returning to my freezer, but I forgot to do so. It was just a beef and broccoli one that I purchased two weeks or so ago at Harris Teeter. However, I did not get ill as I feared.

Last night, I was home watching TV as I am right now, although tonight I walked home and stopped at No. 9 for the usual two drink special.

Ariel Rios EPA Building at Federal Triangle, Washington, D.C., 7:29PM, Aug. 30, 2012. Ariel Rios is a very ornate building from the 1930s, but its name "Ariel Rios" dates to the 1980s when the structure housed DEA.


Last night, I watched the old sitcom reruns on Antenna TV including Good Times and Sanford & Son, and now the more recent ones on TV Land such as Everybody Loves Raymond and later, The King of Queens. I also saw new episodes of The Exes (quite funny) and The Soul Man that were aired in between as well. As I was last night, I am very tired and need to sleep. Maybe I'll watch a couple episodes of The Golden Girls -- it appears as though it is on.

Children / Familes of the Corn: This is one of those ubiquitous and, yes, captivating ads in the D.C. Metrorail system this summer put up by the Corn Famers Coalition / National Corn Growers Association showing Middle American corn farmers and their families. This particular ad at Metro Center features the McCauley Family of White Cloud, Kansas. Of note, the grown son (far right holding little girl) and the (grand?)father and (great?)grandfather (directly above the "44") are also featured in another such ad. A dozen or so such illuminated ads have filled downtown stations all summer.

I think the idea is to encourage endless subsidies and other favorable treatment for growing, like, quadrillions of acres of corn in an industrial mono-agricultural ecological wasteland (USA #1!), all to ensure an endless supply of high-fructose corn syrup, itself the basis of the very healthy American food chain.


Obviously, I am not watching the GOP / Mitt Cultic Hate Fest '12 this week. It's just the usual walk-out-into-heavy-traffic-but-Jesus-will-save-us GOP yahoos getting whipped up into a cult-like frenzy and in general doing what yahoos do.

And while the GOP Rightwing Death Star blasts its planet-destroying beam of lies, the useless and amoral corporate mainstream media are diligenting trying to get a "balanced" story.

In the case of CNN case, that Fox News Channel hostess-in-the-making Erin Burnett and Wolf-the-Whore are both endlessly and vapidly impressed with the Romneys (both Mitt and Ann) and Paul Ryan, whatever bizarro-world American "savior" he is supposed to be. Let's not even cover what the Fox News animals and zombies are up to.

Ha ha


I do recommend this Matt Taibbi piece in Rolling Stone: Greed and Debt: The True Story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital.

I also recommend Paul Krugman's blog entry earlier today on the topic of media-whore worship of the fundamentally fraudulent Ryan.

And here is Krugman's Friday Aug. 31st column (already posted on the NYT website) making the point about Ryan and Medicare.


Dream-Time ...

Oh, yes, I had a very weird dream in the wee hours of Tuesday morning. It was another one involving trees, except in this one, I was not high up in the boughs of a winter bare tree with my friend and supervisor A., who was angry at me (in the dream) and because of that, I could not grasp any of the branches. My arms just went right through them. And I could see through other winter bare trees the Washington Monument and Capitol Building.

In the dream Wednesday morning, I was in line with a bunch of people looking at a distant row of summer green trees with one sticking above the rest. We were waiting in line to talk to the Secretary of State -- except rather than Hillary Clinton -- it was a strange Chinese woman who was seated. People were telling her where they were going and she really didn't care. But then I told her that I had some terminal illness (possibly cancer -- no, I don't have that in real life) and she was very concerned.

I've no idea what that means.


As for this morning, I dreamed I was in a warm, sunlit turquoise ocean with over a shallow sandy bottom covering large pipes. I went under water -- but the surface was not there. I started breathing anyway, inhaling the water, but before anything could happen, I woke up.

OK, that's all for now. I should have my full Jersey shore vacation pictures entry up by Saturday, though I may post a brief musical interlude tomorrow night (or not).


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