Thursday, August 23, 2012

Antikythera Hippos and an Oligarchical Taxing Mechanism

You've heard of the Antikythera Mechanism??

Well, here is the Oligarchical Hippopotamus.

Actually, it's the Oligarchical AND the Antikythera Hippopotamuses.


My main worry is that the right people "earned" their $500 in nightly mostly tax-free tips. Yes, I mean Mr. Sirius and his D.C. gay mafia

As I reckon, using a base manager's salary of $35K and a 10% Federal tax rate, but adjusted to an actual real-world income including runaway tips in excess of $100K that totals $150K per year, the amount declared to the IRS for Federal purposes works out to $1.16 per $50 truly earned collected.


Remember that $100K in tips works out to $2,000 per week for 50 weeks per year -- something that has gone on for many years, even if it is not technically true in 2012.

Think that's unreasonable?

Consider if you were given a $30 tip on a $35 bill just on, say, Monday night. And that's just one frickin' bill over 8 hours.

And there you have it.

"LIKE, OH MY GAWHD! Like, I'm so worth it!"

In my view, even if every frickin' high-end bartender, waiter, and gigolo in L.A. and New York / Manhattan does it, it's still just immoral.

Anyway, tonight, I went to Nellie's with Gary and Kristof and had a rather good time. 

I should mention that tomorrow Gary, Wendy, and I are supposed to go to Wildwood, New Jersey.

As it is, I'm planning on ONE MORE entry tomorrow, if possible.


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