Saturday, August 4, 2012

Another Inning in the Craptacular Ballgame of Life -OR- "Run To The Roar" (Cont'd)

View from the top deck of Nationals Stadium, Washington, D.C., 8:37PM, Aug. 3, 2012.


I don't know if today -- or rather, tonight -- was a total disaster, but it sure felt like it. The double-header Nationals game(s) sorta sucked, and toward the end of the second game the COO -- recall we are contracting company, I'm not a Fed -- didn't look at me when I said goodbye to him as he was leaving while he looked at everyone else.

This triggered a massive panic attack in me.

Then Gary and I walked from the stadium to Bullfeathers in Capitol Hill (via New Jersey Avenue SE) and that was awful -- through a dreadful, erstwhile abandoned post-industrial / warehouse ghetto zone that nonetheless was home over the decades to really fun places such as the old Tracks and later Nation, to say nothing of Secrets / Ziegields or La Cage that used to be right where the stadium is now located. But now this Navy Yard section is a pathetic excuse of a would-be gentrified neighborhood, still totally cut off from the rest of the city, and still mostly abandoned, a victim of the real estate collapse (which didn't even hit D.C. that hard).

As for Bullfeathers, it just sucked -- just a shitty Capitol Hill crowd. To quote an analogy of what I heard from a cab driver in Florida, it's the next row of D.C. shark teeth in the endless rows of D.C. generational shark teeth.

Then we took the Metro to Columbia Heights and I was going to go grocery shopping at the Giant. However, the place was digusting and smelled. Furthermore, there was only ONE open register and all the self-service lanes were also closed. A line extended about 100 feet to the back of the store from the sole open lane. I left my little basket of food in the store in the produce section rather than wait (since Gary was going to drive me home)-- but now I have NOTHING to drink (no juice, tea, soda pop, or anything). I made some "iced tea" from hot tea, but I have no sugar either.

As for Columbia Heights, it is still a nasty-ass ghetto with an overlay of overpriced yuppie assholery. But that describes a lot of "inner" D.C.

So I'm home now at 12:45AM on a Friday night using this increasingly worthless computer -- nonstop start-up crashes and a keyboard that keeps skipping -- trying to type up this entry on this damn blog, which is exhausting to maintain.

I may be fired on Monday. If so, I'll just delete this blog.

Always one of my favorite pictures -- a boy digging in the sand at Point Reyes National Seashore on the Pacific coast.


Oh, yeah, it is still nasty, disgusting hot and humid but with no rain. This disgusting summer will NEVER end.

Will it ever look like this outside??

Oh, yes, I still need to post the Florida entry and  -- provided this computer hasn't completely died in the next week or so -- the entry with Wendy's far-flung travel pictures, and an entry about this wild, crazy homeless black man who lives in the neighborhood who terrorizes people with this Tourette outbursts of vile profanity bellowed in a gutteral voice as he charges about. Having been the object of his brief but intense rhetorical violence yesterday morning as he charged past me, I have a whole hypothesis about him.

Also one of my favorite pictures -- "Run the Roar" (to borrow a book title).

I'll try to update this blog tomorrow or Sunday.


Updated 2:05AM 8/4/2012

Donna the Hippo has died

World's oldest Nile hippo in captivity is euthanized

See story here and zoo press release here.

"Donna" was euthanized on Wednesday, Aug. 1st by zoo staff at the Mesker Park Zoo and Botanic Garden in Evansville, Indiana owing to her declining health and severe arthritis. Donna the hippo was 61 -- and had lived at the zoo since she was five years old, arriving there on Aug. 7, 1956 from the old Miami Rare Bird Farm in Florida . Donna gave birth to 8 baby hippos during her long life -- which lasted 20 years beyond what a hippo would in the wild and 10 years beyond what those in captivity typically do.

Goodbye, Donna.


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