Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pan Am World Airways Flight 001: Idlewild Airport to KXFL -OR- Off to Flagler Beach

My apologies to my readers but I totally ran out of time ahead of my visit to see my dad, and I did not get a chance to post another entry. I refer in particular to the images that Wendy sent me (sorry, Wendy!). I will post them after I return.

Well, I only have a few minutes at home this morning before I head over to Pan Am's Worldport at Idlewild Airport* to catch my flight to Beirut via Paris National Airport to catch my scheduled flight to Daytona Beach via (frickin') Atlanta Hartsfield. The airline will be serving pâté de foie gras and lobster with champagne a packet of peanuts and a thimbleful of watery soda pop.

*OK, technically, it was known as New York International Airport - Anderson Field, but still.

I suspect we will be doing the downriver take-off today, so no view of D.C., even though I got a window seat on the correct side for an upriver takeoff.

OK, that's all for now. I'm off to visit my dad in Flagler Beach ... Sigh ... It IS on the Atlantic Ocean, though.

It is unlikely I will update this blog before my scheduled return on Tuesday night, July 31st.


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