Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Interim Update -OR- A View from the End of July (2012)

Picture of a bridge in New York's Central Park that I found online here.


So I am in the process of composing the entry discussing my ill-fated, no, disastrous and cut-short Florida trip to see my insane old father but it is -- predictably -- taking a long time. I only have posted about half the pictures I intend to post and still have yet to create the full content. Honestly, I may not actually finish this entry for several days (possibly to the weekend).

Today I returned to work, although I took the morning off. I also went to the gym this evening and had a decent workout. Of note, I now weigh 179 pounds, so I'm down about 4 pounds from when I started and approximately 6 pounds from my peak weight (185). My goal is 160 to 165 pounds by year's end and to be fit. I'm still too fat.

The weather today was actually NOT disgusting for summer but rather the way summer ought to be -- yes, rather warm (89F for a high at KDCA) but humid (67F - 69F dew point) with a southeast breeze with lots of puffy cumulus clouds and scattered showers. There is a better chance of needed rainfall this week.

NWS forecast for Washington, D.C., 31 July - 03 August 2012.


By the way, an extreme and dangerous heatwave with crippling drought continues to afflict the southern and central Great Plains centered on Oklahoma. This summer is rivaling the Dust Bowl era summer heat waves. The only reason we don't have major dust storms is because of the far superior agricultural land management practices.

Here is the Tulsa, Okla., NWS forecast office's county warning area (CWA) page as of tonight (11:06PM CDT, July 30, 2012).

I haven't heard whether Oklahoma's Sen. James "Greatest Hoax" / "No Gays in My Family for 200 Years" Inhofe is still spewing about "global cooling" from his "Al Gore's igloo." Idiot jackass, not to mention the dumbest Senator of the 100 right now.  But you can be sure Teabaggers everywhere and the rightwing billionaires and forecast of corporate oligarchy behind them are yowling nonsense about it, and Wolf "The Whore" Blitzer will take "an indepth look at both sides of the issue."

Here is the political weather for Tulsa, Oklahoma ...

Bartcop lives in Tulsa ("K-drag," as he calls it). He once described Inhofe (on his internet radio show he used to do) as follows: 

The single small turd sunk at the bottom of the water in an otherwise flushed toilet that you sometimes see in public restrooms. He also uses the descriptor "pissquik" when describing him.


In the meantime, as ever, read Paul Krugman's blog and op-ed columns (scroll down to "columns").

OK, I'll try to post the planned entry in a few days. I also need to post the images Wendy sent me of some of her travels.


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