Thursday, July 19, 2012

Divorced from Reality -OR- Endless GOP 2012 Global Cooling

Before I get to that, though, John Cena ... yeah, this guy ...

... has reportedly finalized his "very public, nasty divorce" from Elizabeth Huberdeau, now his ex-wife. Very well, then ...


I made it to the gym tonight at the YMCA after work for the third night in a row and had a decent workout. It was the 2nd in which I also went swimming.

It's more of a frolic than swimming laps, except water tends to rush up my nose and ears when I flips.


Turning again to the weather this endless frickin' summer...

It reached at least 100F today again at National Airport (KDCA), specifically, 101F (though it was not a daily record, that being 103F in 1887). This is the seventh time this summer season of 100F or higher at KDCA.

This ties the second most number of 100F+ days set in 1988, both behind the first, 11 days, in 1930 (a pre-National Airport D.C. record).

The Global Cooling Teabagger Crowd -- like this guy here in New Mexico, although kudos to him for spelling his sign correctly and in legible manner -- will start screaming about "global cooling" again.

Or rather, to be more specific, the bought-and-paid-for pundit-whores on the GOP/Koch Brothers/Fox News/corporate payroll -- will "seize" on some fiction, lie, or weirdly distorted half-truth and "start a debate."

And the "mainstream media" whores from Wolf Blitzer to Howie "Mistah" Kurtz will give them all due diligence in a "balanced" WaHoPo way that considers "all sides of the issue" -- as they do in any and all bogus "arguments" ginned by the forces of corporate oligarchy and / or Know Nothing ignorance. Maybe they'll even do like our detestable local radio station WTOP yesterday and ask the eponymously named Joe Bastardi to "debate the issue."

As it is, the fierce heat should be broken for the time being across the eastern U.S. for the time being. But the larger tremendous U.S. Lower 48 drought continues apace.

Here is the U.S. National Drought Monitor updated July 10, 2012, source here (this link will feature the most recent monitor report).


There were t-storms in the area tonight, although zilch fell at KDCA while BWI Airport (KBWI) -- where it zoomed up to a record of 104F today and the sixth 100F+ reading this season -- had 0.02" of rain.

When, oh when, will it be like this again??

OK, that's all for now. My next planned update will be on Friday night or Saturday.


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