Thursday, July 12, 2012

The DCA - SFO Blogger Treat -OR- Still Too Bloggin' Heavy For Comfort

Updated 7:55PM 7/13/2012: See bottom of entry.

Gee, this is a lovely image of the Golden Gate Bridge. I wish I still had that picture of it I took in October 2006. Or any of the pics I took on that trip.


OK, let's see if I can get through this entry without another Bill Gates' Blue Screen of Death. My Windows 7 operating system had one of those "computer will shut down in [counting down from 15] minutes [and 00] seconds" forcible updates that left it, as ever, in no noticeably improved state and instead featuring only a post-update "BSOD" crash.

This is Bill Gates bliss and with every "BSOD" update he makes another billion dollars. And idiot GOP Teabaggers and John Galt libertarian whack-jobs in their underwear in their parents' basements or all-growed-up trailer parks everywhere demand more unchecked fascist power and unlimited money for the top 0.01 percent.

And the fundie faithful will see Masonic - New Age - UN Blackhawk helicopters - the horrors of basic universal healthcare - fluoride in the water  - the (excellent) movie Avatar (f/k the evil humans -- send them back to their shitty dying corporate-capitalist-fascistic world), oh, and the 666 Mark of the Beast conspiracies in Nancy Pelosi's Pacific Heights San Francisco bedroom closet.

What a dumb country. Oh, yes, I understand that the Repub lunatics and Know Nothing fascists who dominate the House of Representatives voted today for the 487th time in the past 450 days to repeal "RomneyObamacare."

OK, this isn't going to be a long entry.

[Speaking of San Francisco, I briefly flipped the TV channel from TV Land to Antenna TV and the lovely opening to Too Close For Comfort is on with its easy-breezy instrumental and opening montage of San Francisco circa 1982. I already wrote about that house featured in the opening scene here. As you can see, it's not red anymore.]

Tonight, I went to the gym for about 2 hours after work. This included the same routine that I have previously mentioned -- 35 minutes on a treadmill, 22 minutes on an elliptical, modest weight-lifting, and in the pool (a few laps, a bit of frolic). I think one of the personal trainers on staff at the YMCA is supposed to give me a 20 to 30 minute "free assessment" -- mostly measuring vital statistics and providing some guidance. He was quite attractive but clearly straight, which meant he wasn't a gay bitch. As for me, still no obvious sign of losing the 20 pounds I intend to lose, but rather, maybe just a pound or two.

I plan to go again tomorrow night and on Saturday.

Rainy wet electric night Connecticut Avenue and L Street NW, Washington, D.C., 8:54PM, July 10, 2012.


Yesterday, I went to a post-work happy hour next to Union Station (hence the pics below) in Capitol Hill when a deluge opened up on D.C. It wasn't a thunderstorm as much as a deluge that was centered directly over the District and points inside the Beltway.

The Sterling (LWX) radar in enhanced composite mode, 8:50PM EDT July 10, 2012


There was about 1 to 2+ inches of rain fell in parts of D.C. and Arlington while National Airport (DCA), at the edge of the heavy rainfall, had 0.60". Meanwhile, both BWI and Dulles Airports had nothing.

NWS radar estimate of precipitation over the District of Columbia and immediate suburbs, July 10, 2012.


DCA has had 1.55" of rainfall in the past 72 hours (accounting for nearly all of the month's 1.57" to date). This reduced the yearly deficit from -7.47" from the normal 20.61" on June 7th to -6.40" from the normal 21.09" on June 11th.

It was interesting to watch on the radar in the two hours before as an outflow boundary creeped down from the north-northeast (from an old t-storm over Baltimore County), a breeze front moved to the west-northwest, and there were already a few showers in the immediate area along some kind of weak boundary. I think the extra heat over D.C. may have acted as a micro-climate focus.

People wait out a downpour at Union Station, Washington, D.C., 8:03PM, July 10, 2012.


Cars and one of those weird tourist buses outside Union Station in a deluge, Washington, D.C., 8:03PM, July 10, 2012.


I ran in the deluge to Union Station, where there was a crowd waiting in the archway for the rainfall to end or in the long taxicab line. I went into the main hall (now under restoration, again) and had a(n expensive) glass of white wine at the Center Cafe Restaurant bar.

The Center Cafe bar at Union Station, Washington, D.C., 8:11PM, July 10, 2012.


But I also had a nice conversation with an older lady named M. who was leading a tour group of Belgian teenagers and 20-somethings in D.C. (who were off somewhere). She lives in Amsterdam but has dual U.S. - Dutch citizenship and previously lived in New York. It turns out the tour guide thing is freelance / 1099 kind of work. Anyway, she gave me her business card and I am planning on e-mailing her. She said she will be back in D.C. later this summer with another tour group but staying in a nicer hotel (not one out on Bladensburg Road NE).

OK, I think that's all for now. I will try to update the blog on Friday.


Updated 7:55PM Friday, 7/13/2012:

I had intended to post a new entry this evening but I'm in bad mood, not to mention I'm feeling fatigued and all around lousy.

It was kind of a crappy day at work in that I didn't feel well (stomach bothering me), and I'm not sure if my superviser is upset with me. This is a person who is also a personal friend of mine with whom I go to happy hours and socialize with her friends and her husband, but so far this arrangement has worked out.

In addition, I am supposed to meet Gary later and I'd like to go to a few different places and later end up at Nellie's.

I'll try to update this blog tomorrow, although the new entry will not interfere with my plan to go to the gym. I've been doing reasonably well with this new routine. (It was 11 years ago today also on a Friday the 13th that I originally joined the YMCA and stayed there until early 2004. I rejoined last month 8-1/2 years and 40 pounds later.)


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