Wednesday, June 6, 2012

"There's a(n Actual) Little Black Spot on the Sun Today ..."*

**Updated 12:05AM 6/18/2014: See below.**

The 2012 Transit of Venus as seen (through a telescope, I assume) from Riverside Park, Manhattan, New York City, June 5, 2012. Skies were variably to mostly cloudy across much of the Eastern U.S., obscuring the view.

*Post title used with apologies to Sting and The Police.


Well, it was mostly cloudy most of today and outright overcast in the west and northwest at sunset, and so I did not see the 2012 Transit of Venus with my own eyes. Boo.

Oh, well ... as I wrote in my previous entry, I saw it last time in 2004, even if was during a very bad time for me.

About that last entry, I UPDATED the lead image to one that is much more thematically suitable / appropriate for the posting, or least for part of the entry and the title.

In particular, I posted a full-sized image of this picture -- sunrise during the June 8, 2004 Transit of Venus with fishermen and a pelican sihouetted on the solar disk. This image, which I found online, was actually taken at the dinky little Flagler Beach pier in Flagler Beach, Florida.

My dad had not moved there just yet in 2004 (he was still in North Myrtle Beach, S.C.)

I have featured pictures of that sad little pier in Flagler Beach on this blog in previous entries such as here and here. Oh, and here and here.


Veiled Sun seen during the Transit of Venus from Mexico City, June 5, 2012.

Having said all of this, there will be PLENTY of pictures of the 2012 Transit of Venus available online in the coming days. Already there are a series of them on the NASA Venus Transit Observing Challenge. And here is the NASA webcast of the event (I'm not sure how this link will change in the future).

As mentioned, the next one will not be until December 2117 -- 105-1/2 years hence -- and then the next one eight years later in December 2125. I will be long dead -- probably by 75 years -- and, I figure, about half way through my next life ...

... as a hydroponics rice farmer on the marshy fringes of the Central Mississippi Seaway near the old fortressed Saint Louis District, Confederated States and Autonomous Regions of Greater America (Con-StAR / GrAm).


OK, that's all for now on the 2012 Transit of Venus. And speaking of things that haven'thappened / won't happen for a long but, I am presently culling through the maps on Fred Espenak's world atlas of eclispes from 2000BCE to 3000AD web pages to figure out the dates of total and annular solar eclipses in the spot presently occupied by Washington, D.C., proper for that 5,000 year period. I will post this in an upcoming entry.

This one shown for April 14, 2200 actually JUST misses the District proper by a few miles -- and there are no others in D.C. proper through AD3000 (by which time the city will likely no longer exist).


OK, that's all for now.

I had planned / initiated a larger entry including a discussion of actor Richard Dawson, who died last week, and linking that to one of my favorite topics of discussion on this blog, Mr. Sirius.

**Updated 12:05AM 6/18/2014: Content removed and dead YouTube link replaced.**

However, in lieu of that -- and because such a gentle opening -- that I watch on Monday - Wednesday nights at 11PM and 1130PM , I give you the opening to Too Close for Comfort. I already talked about the location of the house featured in opening of the show in a a recent entry.

I remember when it was on TV back in the early to mid 1980s, and I would watch it and liked the intro with its gentle little instrumental and opening sequence images of San Francisco starting with the Golden Gate Bridge. I didn't actually get to San Francisco until late 2006 -- over 20 years later.


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