Thursday, June 28, 2012

June Global Cooling and Unaffordable Scalia-Care

Updated 11:55PM 6/28/2012: See below.

Apocalyptic-looking smoke and eerie red from the giant Waldo Canyon fire burns entire mountains above Colorado Springs with the Air Force Academy's Falcon Stadium appearing so tiny in the foreground. This was taken yesterday, June 27, 2012.


Just a geninuely and really quick update ...  I'm going to the office in suburban Maryland today.

The Sterling LWX county warning area (CWA) advisory map, valid 9:13AM EDT, June 28, 2012.

So another frickin' ferocious heat wave is impending across the Eastern U.S., including here in the D.C. area. We are actually under an excessive heat watch for heat indices that will meet the criteria threshold. This is the same heat wave that has afflicted large parts of the United States.It has been exceedingly hot with drought conditions across much of the U.S.

Here are the current NWS advisories across the United States valid as of 1306UTC (9:16AM EDT), June 28, 2012. Those orange, crimson, and scarlet colors denote heat advisories, excessive heat warnings, and red flag warnings, respectively.

And here is the Indianapolis CWA advisories map as of last night. It looks about the same this morning. Parts of Indiana are having their hottest and driest June ever.


Massive wildfires are burning in parts of the Rocky Mountains, esp. in Colorado, in particular the Waldo Canyon fire (see lead picture). Tens of thousands have had to evacuate and homes have been incinerated. The lack of meaningful snowfall last year is exacerbating it.

I guess this is why the Teabagger / GOP / Fox News / Koch Brothers / Citizens United kooky billionaires Super-Pac crowd are shrieking about "global cooling".

The NWS forecast for 2 miles N. of downtown Washington, D.C., graphic icons, valid June 28 - July 2, 2012.


As for the D.C. area, highs are forecasted to reach 100F in the D.C. area with near record daily highs at DCA and BWI (the daily records for June 29th - July 1st are rather high at both climate spots) and record highs at Dulles.

I guess the Sterling LWX crowd are happy, and their pet Palka-cabra she-dragon must be thrilled. Typically, I don't read the LWX discussions because they are often too annoying.

Yes, there is a chance of t-storms, but these are the widely scattered type that ALWAYS miss frickin' DCA and most of D.C. proper and instead are the usual and unhelpful 20 minute explosively violent spasms that drop about 0.20" of rain.

I know there was some discussion of the mid-Atlantic being in a favorable "ring of fire" region at the northeastern periphery of a high pressure ridge -- at least I thought I read that yesterday.

Speaking of climate change effects, the U.S. Geological Survey had this news release on the rise in sea levels along the Eastern U.S. since 1990. It has been at 2 to 3.7 mm per year in those 20+ years, higher than the global average (which is still due primarily to thermal expansion rather than Greenland or Antarctica ice cap melting), due to complicated factors I can't get into right now.

As Alex Pareene wrote on Salon earlier this -- I don't have enough time this morning to get the link -- sea level rise and global warming will continue no matter how are whore Supreme Court under the "Scalia 5" rule on Obama's health care law. Scalia has turned into a crude rightwing radio host.

And he isn't nearly as brilliant as he and the myth surrounding him claim -- although Wall-P will be duly "impressed" with whatever offensive decision and even more offensive reasoning he uses.

I guess Ruth "Mother" Marcus and the WaHoPo editorial board again will be "stopped cold" when she and they hear that criticism.

As for that impending Supreme Court ruling, let's face it -- Obamacare is based on a shitty premise of forcing the uninsured to purchase with modest subsidies through the tax code a shit product from for-profit health care behemoths.

I'm not exactly sure why any liberal would want to die to save that law, although I do realize in a country as nutty and viciously corporate oligarchical capitalist as America, that's about as best you can hope for nowadays.

OK, that's all for now. I will try to update this blog if not tonight than on Friday evening.

Updated 11:45PM EDT 6/28/2012:

So the shocker is that the Afforable Care Act was mostly upheld in a 5-4 Supreme Court ruling issued this day with Chief Justice John Roberts siding with the majority, who cited the taxing power of Congress rather than the Commerce Clause, which he expressedly said is not applicable, giving atavistic libertarians everywhere a Socially Darwinistic delight. There is much discussion of why he voted as he did, as well as some curious speculations. I'm not getting into any of that now -- I just wanted to note this.


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