Sunday, May 6, 2012

Who's On Which List? -OR- Human Lagrangian Points

Updated 1220AM 5/7/2012: Based upon additional input, I've changed the status of one individual from L1 to L3. See below.


In the world of urban night clubs, esp. gay ones, and esp. back in the 1990s and 2000s, it was always paramount that you were on "The List" of those who could get in for free / VIP.

In that spirit, and because I'm not entirely on my rocker (but that's been true for some time), I give you my own List -- or rather, four of them, to describe my changed relationships with people who have been in my life (plus a special place category).

If a set of initials (or my own descriptor for that person) appears on one of these four lists, it indicates the described relationship. The lists below are not necessarily all-inclusive and I may update this entry to reflect new additions.

Let's call them L1, L2, L3, and L4 (sort of like gravitational Lagrangian points, except I don't have an L5 and I'm not sure what that list would be).

**NOTE TO READERS: If you believe that you are on one of these lists in error, or if you would like TO BE on one of these lists, feel free to contact me.**


L1: The Ex-Friends

We'll start out with The List of those with whom I was once friends (in some cases quite close) but am no longer.  We won't assign any blame or explain why -- it just is, or in Wall-P speak, "Eh. Eh. Itiswhatitis." Let us call this L1. In some cases, this is a recent development but in most instances, it has been the case for quite some time.

Wall P
Wall-P's group
GSP (see L3)

Special place category: The whole Univ. of Md., College Park*, esp. in the old meteorology dept. and the journalism school


L2: The Drop-Dead, I-Hate-You or "For the Birds" List

For those on this list, I send out a very special "F/U."

MWH (Donald Duck)
DP (the Crow Creature)
MR (the Turkey Vulture)
The Sue Palka-cabra

Special place category: D.C. (as in Washington)

For those individuals on L1 or L2, I want nothing to do with them and I'm just glad they're out of my life.


L3: The Uncertain List

The following list (call it L3) contains those for whom I am uncertain at this point the status of the friendship:


*NOTE: GSP moved from L1 to L3*


L4: The Safe List

L4 is a list of those with whom I am still friends or otherwise like.

JB (not sure why)
BAK (in New York)
JAK (in New Jersey)
AP (and her group)

Gee, the L4 list is longer than I thought. I guess that's good.

L4 special places category:

The Jersey Shore; Boston and New England in general; New York City; Seattle; Mount Rainier; parts of the South Florida Atlantic shore (you know the places); Minneapolis; the Canadian Atlantic provinces, esp. Nova Scotia and (though I've not been there) Newfoundland; the English countryside; Paris; and (though I've yet to visit) Italy. Oh, and New Zealand. No, I haven't been there (yet).


And that ends this episode of Who's on Which List? I now resume my regular blogging activities (either Monday or Tuesday night).


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