Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Schrödinger's D.C. and/or Seattle Cat -OR- A Washington Double Tale

OK, I started a blog entry last (Monday) night and intended to finish it tonight, but it's already 11PM and I need to go to bed, so this is instead interim update.

Full Moon rise over Fort Collins, Colorado, April 6, 2012. This was the 5/5/2012 APOD.

Earlier tonight, I went to Ceiba (at 14th and G), and while I had a swell time with my co-workers, I paid about $36 (plus $5 Mr. Sirius gratuity), for 3 drinks . The place is very expensive. Thereafter, I stopped at the Post Pub -- my first visit there in at least 2 years.

I met and chatted with a fellow named J. from Dayton, Ohio here on a conference. Quite a lovely conversation.

I then walked home on this balmy, breezy, humid, cloudy night with some sprinkles -- and a forecast that includes some much-needed rain, except the radar doesn't look very impressive. The drought goes on.  

Speaking of Post Pub, it is named for the nearby Washington Post building -- the "Fox on 15th Street" -- and speaking of The WaHoPo, that amoral and complicit rag of Empire, here is some outstanding news ...


Story link here.

Anyway, I plan to update this blog tomorrow (shortly after midnight Thursday) -- and it is an interesting entry. At least I think so.


Storyteller: Regulus

Oh, yes, my co-worker and friend DD continues to urge me to write a book.

He regularly cites as chapter titles random things I say along with content ideas.

The working title -- based on something I said during a hellishly hot and sunny day here in D.C. down at L'Enfant Plaza in summer 2010 -- is "Look at all this hideous sunshine."

Anyway, here is what DD texted me tonight ...

"You have some really important things to say. Your commentary on getting older as a gay man is profound. People would identify with this sense of isolation.

"If you want to talk them or structure & go forth, I'm happy to help. Schrödinger seems to have struck w/ you. Maybe that's where to start.

"Something like 3/4 into the book, protagonist must declare to a friend, 'I'm not sure you know this about me, but I'm a deeply neurotic person.'"

Yes, that's what I said to him on the Metro tonight. Actually, we were at Metro Center and I was getting off there (rather than Dupont Circle) -- though sometimes go to to U Street / Cardozo on the Green Line from L'Enfant Plaza -- to go to Ceiba.

As for the Schrödinger('s cat metaphor) part, this involves two distinct but parallel (as in parallel Earth-like) story lines of two parallel me's -- one in D.C. and one in Seattle.


OK, I *plan* to have that new entry posted tomorrow (i.e., shortly after midnight Thursday).



Jo said...

I stumbled upon your blog (long story) and I noticed the photo of your family from Cleveland Ave. in Long Branch. My mother grew up on that street!! She is a few years older than your father, but I'm sure she would know the family name. My mother's maiden name was Grasso. My grandmother had the house until the early 70's.
I would love to hear from you!

Regulus said...

Hi Jo,

If you are comfortable leaving your e-mail address here, I can send you a message. I will delete the message as soon as I get it.