Monday, May 21, 2012

Maritime Monday Weather Update -OR- A Tropical Trough

Interesting cumulus congestus cloud formation rolling slowly in from the east at dusk as seen from the Duke Ellington Memorial (Calvert Street) Bridge, Washington, D.C., 7:30PM, May 20, 2012.


This is my promised Monday night entry to discuss my weekend doings, some geographic trivia, and time permitting in this entry, Wall-P's 40-something-and-flabulous "Masters of the Universe" Key West prenuptial adventure (although that may have to wait until a subsequent entry). I also have a Mr. Sirius-themed blog entry planned for Friday in celebration of his half-70th birthday.

HOWEVER, before I do any of that, I have decided to post a stand-alone weather entry / update. I plan to have a new entry later tonight (before 1AM).


Variably cloudy dusk as seen from my 5th floor apartment looking to the southwest across the intersection of 16th and U Streets and New Hampshire Avenue NW, Washington, D.C., 8:01PM, May 21, 2012.


The Weather ...

There is a broad area of troughiness over the Eastern Seaboard with a broad and deep-layer marine tropical flow coming off the Atlantic with a weak low pressure almost over D.C. at the present time.

High resolution HPC/NCEP NWS surface analysis focused on Eastern Seaboard of U.S. valid 21Z (5PM EDT) May 21, 2012 issued 2229Z (6:29PM EDT) May 21, 2012.


There is also a weak tropical storm (Alberto) meandering off the north Florida coast centerd 225 miles east of Jacksonville. It really is not playing into our weather here. Rather, minor impulses have focused areas of showers and thunderstorms today -- and OF COURSE -- the D.C. area missed just about everything.

Northeastern Lower 48 U.S. radar mosaic, 2338UTC (7:38PM EDT), May 21, 2012.

National Airport (DCA) had virtually no precipitation although it was drizzly a lot of the time. About a third of an inch fell at BWI Airport and Dulles Airport (IAD). Meanwhile, JFK Airport had over 1.7" and Central Park 1.3" of rain. In other words, it was a typical shitty D.C. shitty miss. Did I mention how sick I am of shitty D.C. after 20 shitty years here?


Sterling (LWX) radar in base mode reflectivity, 8:19PM EDT, May 21, 2012.


I really think the reason this shitty area misses so much -- esp. when it comes to coastal weather events -- is because of the shape of the coastline and the placement of D.C. inland and perpendicular to the useless Blue Ridge Mountains, which for their part just downslope the hell out of our wintertime weather.

Anyway, here are today's rainfall totals through 5PM EDT along with the monthly and yearly totals:

Day: 0.03"
Month: 2.40" -0.27"
Year: 9.86" -4.78"

Day: 0.34"
Month: 1.41" -1.22"
Year: 10.12" -5.55"

Day: 0.24"
Month: 2.01" -1.02"
Year: 9.44" -5.86"

By comparison ...

JFK Airport
Day: 1.63" (Daily Record)
Month: 5.90" +3.38"
Year: 13.45" -2.47"

Central Park
Day: 1.22"
Month: 3.69" +0.99"
Year: 12.81" -5.49"

Now the Sterling - LWX crowd and their Sue Palka-Cabra Creature are very pleased.

Ditto the giant-headed drooling Doug Hill. As for the vox populi, all it does is mostly moan that it isn't endlessly sunny. And it votes for the GOP, esp. in the nightmare exurbs while in the urban cores it is a cheap libertine liberalism.

NWS graphic forecast panel for 2miles NW of downtown Washington, D.C., valid May 21 - 25, 2012.

The pattern will continue until an upper level trough crosses the mid-Atlantic forming a closed low with a good chance for rain on Wednesday. Thereafter, the major pattern shift occurs -- with a big ridge building over the eastern U.S. and temps. soaring to around 90F by next week. Boo.

Next entry to follow, or rather, to precede.


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