Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mother Marcus's "Stopped Cold" Milk-Toast* & Political Cud Ruminating -OR- GOP Clown Act

(*YES, I know it's milquetoast -- it's a pun.)

A genteel lakeside bucolic image in the commnuity called "The Waters" in Pike Road, Alabama, March 31, 2012.

The main body of water there is a 200-acre lake called Lake Cameron, although Chris T. said this was a smaller one that a sign identified as "Lake Sweet T". Ah, "The Waters" -- I wonder if it is an all-Republican, all-fundamentalist, Biblically-created and home-schooled, American New Jerusalem community development.

Anyway, this picture was taken by Chris T. on another one of his weekend bike rides outside Montgomery.

Here is a picture from Chris of a hoary but clearly in decline (southern live) oak tree covered in Spanish moss growing in The Waters, Pike Road, Alabama, March 31, 2012.


Well, I'm home tonight enconsced in my little apartment, watching TV, and I tried to write a new entry ... It was actually a continuation of the one last night. But it simply is too lengthy and convoluted -- with political commentary galore (including on tonight's primaries here in D.C., in which I actually voted early on Saturday) that sprawled on (and on) endlessly.

It built on a funny Alex Pareene piece in Salon today -- he read it so I didn't have to -- mocking WaHoPo editorial writer Ruth "Mother" Marcus (the embodiment of D.C. Media Imperial Court vapidity and GOP / corporate power establishment obsequiousness) for saying that she was "STOPPED COLD" by Obama's tepid criticism of our viciously ideological Supreme Court.

Here is Mother Marcus, STOPPED COLD by the HORROR of Pres. Obama saying the Supreme Court shouldn't overturn his health care law.

Has there ever been a more useless Beltway opinion scribe than this Post fish wife?

It also included an interesting piece by the inestimable Michael Lind how the Court has always been hyper-political, in some periods far to the American right, in other periods quite liberal -- idiotic two-dimensional notions by the likes of Wall-P types aside about the "Sanctity" and "Majesty" of "The Law" and its "Original Intent" aside -- and given that it operates as a sort of third elected branch of government, we should elect it as some states do their state-level high courts.

However, the entry simply got too sprawling and unwieldy all while lacking sufficient pictures.

Thus, before I got too far into the process, I was STOPPED COLD by the realization it wasn't going to work and I jettisoned the whole idea.

As for the bad-tempered and dyspeptic Marcus, she just wants to graze in a Republican-tilted field of GOP working class-devouring, 19th Century Gilded Age meets early 21st Century social and eco-dystopic budgetary cloves while Uncle Fred Hiatt burbles about the need for "coming together and putting partisanship aside" with wussy Dems caving in on everything, again, in between more Wall Street bailouts that go directly to Goldman Sachs and Robert Rubinesque economics. Oh, and let's not forget all the neocon warmongering.

More generally, The Washington Post is such a useless newspaper and "product" in its own right -- I don't see how it survives in the next 20 years.

I'm actually impressed that Pres. Obama referred to Paul Ryan's budget as "Social Darwinism" -- which is exactly what the entire multi-trillion dollar amoral grotesquery is.

It is me or does Paul Ryan look like one of those French silent movie clowns??

However, I just can't post that much (vitrolic) content to this blog in that manner.

Furthermore, I may not have a chance to post anything until Saturday night (when I'm supposed to be at my mom's over in Millersville after "Easter Saturday" in Annpolis with her and Ray).

OK, that's all for now.


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