Thursday, March 8, 2012

Under the March Moon Evening Sky

A very nearly Full (Worm) Moon rising in the east at dusk as seen from a back alley between 19th and 18th Streets NW next to California Street NW, Washington, D.C., 6:24PM, March 7, 2012.


This is the entry that I started last night but it simply got too late and I couldn't finish it. I'm home on this Wednesday night* watching reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond (and later new episodes of Hot in Cleveland and Happily Divorced) on TV Land.

*I posted the entry after midnight on Thursday, March 8th.

I was doing the same thing last night -- I'm in one of my Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday night periods when I (try to) stay in totally (this week I have been successful). Last night, though, I was also occasionally flipping over to MSNBC watching the "Super Tuesday" election night returns.

I noted how close the race was between Sanatorium and Willard Mitt Romney Thurston Howell III, with Crazy Newt huffing and puffing crazy things in his "home" state of Jaw-juh that he won easily. In the end, Thurston Willard won by about 1 percent or just over 10,000 votes of the 1.2 million cast (37.9% to 37.1%) over Santorum.

Here is an image showing the results of the March 6,2012 Ohio Republican primary:

Click on image for larger version. 

It was noted on MSNBC that the Romney campaign and its post-Citizens United "Super-PACs" -- the kind that titillate George F. Will as the penultimate expression of freedom -- outspent Romney by 12 to 1 in the state, plus he wasn't even on the ballot in all parts of the state.

I then noted in my entry last night (when it was still too close to call) that maybe this will be one of those things where this or that county official "finds" 8,500 extra votes from inside the Diebold machine. Only this time, it's pitting GOP'er versus GOP'er.

This is just the modern day American equivalent of ballot box stuffing.

Most importantly, I commented on the idea -- embraced by two of the heavy hitters on the MSNBC panel including Lawrence O'Donnell and Chris Matthews -- that it would be a good thing if Santorum is the Republican nominee -- something that is exceedingly unlikely -- because it would lead to a GOP wipe out in November and force the Republican Party, which now resembles more of a Koch Brothers-funded cult, to do "soul searching" and (eventually) return to a more moderate position.

I disagree.

Having Santorum that close to the presidency and all that this would entail if he won ...

... as opposed to a garden variety socially moderate, politically ineffectual corporate billionaire oligarch such as Willard Mitt Romney ...

... is something to which I am risk averse. Rachel Maddow, taking a break from the abortion wars, disagreed as well. She said that instead, the Republican "rump" would be more radicalized. I agree with her. That's exactly what happened after 2006 and 2008.

Furthermore, America is a half-baked nutty country when it comes to this hysterical religiosity -- whether the fundie Protestant or rightwing kooky Catholic sort -- and concomitant "family values" gibbering talk (or at least half of it is). Add to that the severe economic stress of the past 4 years, it is simply too dangerous to risk putting a Santorum whack-job this close to the actual presidency.

The image below -- a screenshot of the New York Times online front page earlier Wednesday -- contains an overview of all last night's primary and caucus results:

Click on image for larger version

Santorum continues to do well in the low-population interior; Romney does well in the more thickly populated areas and among the GOP affluent; Gingrich as a bit of a Southern base; and Ron Paul is just a walking Ayn Rand-spouting muppet.

Here is map of the Republican presidential primary season 2012 results by state through Super Tuesday, March 6, 2012.


Oh, yes, as another follow-up to the Limbaugh "women on birth control are sluts and prostitutes" affair and his rhetorical violence directed against Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke ...

The tally of advertisers who have fled his 3-hour daily rightwing fat-and-hate fest is 45. That seems like a fairly high number but I don't know how many sponsors he actually has. I think the bigger issue is getting his rightwing hate speech off of the Armed Forces Network. It simply does not belong in that particularly kind of media outlet. If you like him that much, watch his streaming crap online.

Also, all the usual rightwing suspects -- from "Bill'O the Clown" and the Faux News lesser clowns to Ralph "Casino Scam Artist" Reed -- have lined up to defend Rush, while the leading GOP candidate Willard Mitt Romney is incapable of saying anything.

But what I found most interesting is that some outfit called "We Stand With Rush" has been set up -- some online Koch Brother-funded Astroturf appendage of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy machine. Yes, "We Stand With Rush." Or was it, "We Stand With a Vulgar and Stupid Sack of Fat Shit"??

As it is, I agree with the convention wisdom in this case: I fail to see how there is national electoral gold in having the front spokesperson of the GOP attack women in such a denigrating way while the party re-fights battles settled decades ago.


On a related note ...

Ha ha


Cloud Rolls, Shelves, and Walls ...

The following has nothing to do with the rest of the entry but it was originally supposed to be the lead image. However, I got a bit carried away and posted additional cloud images ...

This is a picture of a particularly scary-looking but basically harmless* roll cloud (also called an "arcus cloud") taken aboard a container ship while en route from Paranagua, Brazil to Montevideo, Uruguay. This was the Feb. 29, 2012 Earth Science Picture of the Day (not to be confused with the Astronomy Picture of the Day).

*OK, you wouldn't want to be in a small plane flying into it. The arcus cloud is actually created by the powerful downdraft of a thunderstorm with the cloud having detached from the main storm itself and sort of rolling / tumbling along a horizontal axis as it moves outward. If the cloud has not completely detached, it is known as a shelf cloud.

You should not confuse the shelf or the arcus clouds with the wall cloud that is associated with a violent / tornadic thunderstorm.

A dramatic looking shelf cloud with an approaching thunderstorm over Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia, Dec. 7, 2007.

A wall cloud with cloud-to-ground lightning near Miami, Texas, June 19, 1980.

That was the year of one the hottest summers-- if not to this day still THE hottest summer -- in Texas. And I came down from New Jersey to Texas to visit my mom for about a month and a half. Her husband, my step dad Ray, was stationed at Fort Hood and they were living that summer in Copperas Cove.

Then of course there is a Wall-P cloud but it just exists in a super-saturated milieu of huge income levels, nonstop client calls, and corporate legal synergies.


The urban-residential backstreet intersection of Biltmore and 20th Streets NW in the Kalorama section of Washington, D.C., 6:13PM, March 7, 2012.

I got off the Metro at Woodley Park this evening and walked home.


Dusk 1850 Mintwood Place NW, Washington, D.C., 6:17PM, March 7, 2012


Another view of the Full Moon rising at deepening blue dusk -- taken with my less than outstanding cellphone camera -- looking east from the 1700 block of V Street NW, Washington, D.C., 6:29PM, March 7, 2012.


Last picture ...

Here is a picture of my plush babies o' love including my plush hippos Flippo (the blue hippo) and Harvey (the dark gray hippo) last night. They sort of recline on my bed (unless they fly around the room).


OK, that's all for now. My next update planned update will not be until the weekend.


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