Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Horse Latitudes & Boozy Attitudes -OR- July High in Middle March

Updated 1045AM 3/20/2012 (see below)

Earlier tonight at Larry's Lounge with bartender D., 10:00PM, March 19, 2012. And that was a Stella Artois beer I was having. 



Well, my planned blog entry still didn't happen so permit me instead to write a short posting that touches only on a few key points.

I am still very pissed off about the whole situation with C/H and the absurdist quality to it. I resent it all. I also want to reiterate what I said in my previous entry -- I want nothing to do with him anymore, and if for some reason in the coming years he is in a good mood when he happens to see me, and wants to talk to me, please don't.

An up-close picture of C/H that captures his essence.

BTW, it wouldn't shock me if the D.C. gay mafia is trying to extend its ugly tentacles to have me barred from other places beyond the two that it controls.


The weather continues to be abnormal with a massive (Bermuda) high pressure anchored off the U.S. East Coast bringing a summer-like pattern on the cusp of astronomical spring.

0Z 20 March 2012 GFS (initialized), 1000 - 500mb thicknesses

It has been in the 70s Fahrenheit regularly with temps up to 84F (at IAD) last week. But the Atlantic Ocean continues to provide -- thanks to the upper and lower level pattern -- intrusions of nighttime maritime polar air with foggy spells and temps falling to about 52F. 

There have also been intermittent weak impulses allowing for showers and t-storms in the Blue Ridge, although none have reached D.C. proper, and we are falling farther behind on precip. with each passing day.

The month of March 2012 is averaging approx. 10F above normal for the first 18 days at DCA, BWI, and IAD. Crazy.


Then-President George W. Bush, almost certainly drunk, in the waning days of his presidency at the Beijing Olympics, patting Misty May Treanor on the back side, Aug. 11, 2008.

My entry from Aug. 2008 "Photos of Bush Drunk at the Beijing Olympics" was picked up in the comment section of some strange site called "Zero Hedge" at linked here, and as a result, I've had over 730 hits on my blog today -- almost double the normal daily total. Over the last 3-1/2 years, this entry has had the most of any of my entries, and I'm really tired of it.


My Gold Dust Croton in my apartment by the window, Washington, D.C., 7:03PM, March 19, 2012.

"Crotey" is getting rather large and needs a new pot.


He Said It ...

"Finally, it's hard not to have the sense that when political types in this administration talk about appealing to 'voters', what they really mean is appealing to self-proclaimed centrist pundits who claim to have their fingers on the pulse of independent voters. 

"Aside from the fact that they don't -- that the complicated psychodramas concocted by pundits exist only in their heads, not the heads of voters -- experience shows that nothing Obama can do will satisfy these guys; they need, professionally, to maintain the pretense that both sides of the political divide are equally extreme. 

"How many columns have you read demanding that someone stake out centrist positions that happen to be exactly what Obama has already been saying?

"I have to say that the various accounts of what went wrong are converging on a very depressing picture, in which White House political 'experts' actually believed that trying to please the Washington Post editorial page was a winning political move."

This is exactly right -- a Democrat listening to the "bipartisan," "centrist" jackasses of The WaHoPo editorial board ON ANY ISSUE is embarking on a surefire way to electoral oblivion.

Ha ha


My next planned update will be on Wednesday.


Updated 10:45AM 3/20/2012: I just wanted to note that a small complex of thunderstorms rolled down on a NNW-SSE trajectory across Montgomery Co., Md., and the District of Columbia between 530 - 700AM this morning. DCA itself received 0.10" (plus another 0.01" a few hours earlier).

Here was the LWX (Sterling) NWS radar in composite mode (which shows cloud activity as well as falling precipitation, so it looks a bit more impressive than the base reflectivity mode), 6:33AM, March 20, 2012.

Oh, yes, the spring equinox arrived at 0514 UTC this morning.


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