Saturday, March 10, 2012

Barking Dogs and Singing Robots -OR- Marching from Sun Time

A German Shepherd dog (also called an Alsatian) looks out from on a mountain overlook somewhere in the Bavarian Alps. This captivating picture came from the Wikipedia article on German Shepherd dogs.

The same article includes this adorable yet slightly disturbing picture of a cute little boy and a German Shepherd dog along with just off camera someone who is probably the baby's father. That part of the article and accompanying picture was trying to make the point that "GSDs" are extremely loyal (and territorial) to their (human family) pack.


Not much to say today. My work week ended up being OK except I wasn't as productive on one of my two main tasks involving grant management support and compliance. Last night I did what I usually do and went to Nellie's.

The NWS forecast panel -- icons and text -- for Washington, D.C., for the upcoming week.

The weather pattern here sucks -- nothing but endless frickin' early March sunshine, somewhat on the coolish side (high around 48F), and dry, dry, dry when we need abundant rainfall going into spring and the hellish overheated swamp that is Washington, D.C., in summer time.

I blame WOODY! the Woodcock and the Sue Palka-cabra creature for our malignant weather pattern.

The elm tree located across the street from my building is starting to bud in earnest. Trees in the city bloom a few weeks earlier than their suburban / exurban counterparts, I assume because of the heat island effect. This is in front of the backside of the Brittany and is the 2000 block of New Hampshire Ave. NW, Washington, D.C., 2:37PM, March 10, 2012.

It's supposed to warm up to near 75F by midweek. That will propel the Yoshino cherry blossoms into floral peak by the first day of astronomical spring. The saucer magnolias are already in bloom.


Continuing with the bitchy theme ...

Content removed - 3/9/2019

Actually, this is beautiful male bull mastiff with fawn coat named "Ferguson" whose picture I found online (in another Wikipedia article, specifically, one about the bull mastiff).

Speaking of bull mastiffs, here is a scanned image of a photograph I have posted before of my dad and me when I was 7 years old with our bull mastiff dog "Borky" in the dining room of the house at 368 Kirby Avenue in Long Branch, N.J., where we lived. This picture was taken in 1977.

She was a good dog.


**Content removed** 3/9/2019


A Wall-P Musical and Poetry Reading Interlude

No entry would be complete without a Wall-P interlude. Therefore, I give you Wall-P's Music and Poetry in Motion in which Wall-P sings some great musical standards and reads a poem and the vows from his upcoming wedding ceremony marital contractual agreement. 

We begin with Wall-P singing in his Judy Garland style her unforgettable ballad, Somewhere Over the Rainbow:

"Eh. Eh. Eheh. Eheheh. Eh. Eh. EhEh .... Eh."

Moves you to tears, doesn't it?

Next up, Wall-P will sing Anita Baker's enchanting Caught Up in the Rapture, performing it to his June bride:

"Eh. Eh. Eh. Eh. Eheheh. Eheh. Eh. Eheh. Eh. Eh."

Wall-P will now sing the great Big Band era standard Chattanooga Choo Choo in his best Tex Beneke style:

"Eh. Eh. Eh. Eheh. Eh. Eh. Gimme a shine. Eheh. Eh. Eh. Eh. Eheh."

We now move on to the poetry reading part of the concert. We begin with Wall-P reciting a Javanese (or is it a Navajo??) love poem for same betrothed:

"Eh. Eh. Eh. Eh. Eheheheheheh. Dow was up for the week. Eh. Positive asset flow. Eh."

And we wrap up this concert with Wall-P reciting his wedding vows:

"Eh. Eh. Eh. Prenuptial agreement. Eh. Eh. Party of the first party. Eh. Enters into agreement with party of the second party. Eh. Eh. Indemnification. Eh. Eh --"

I'm sorry, Wall-P, to cut you off, but we're out of time. Speaking of that prenuptial agreement, below is an early draft copy:

This does not yet include the appendices containing legal citations, terms of use, ten years' worth of tax documents, and the past five years' worth of Consumer Reports.

Oh, Wall-P, when will people start recognizing their failures and your successes??

"Eh. Eh. Iswhatitis."


Update from the Department of Money Talks & Bullshit Walks

I just paid my rent ($1,054) and I'm low on money, as I will be the next pay period when I make (along with my cable, internet, and cellphone bills) the final (5th) installment of the legal agreement that gets rid of the 3rd of the 5 outstanding / defaulted credit card debts. I'm slowly paying off a fourth one slowly and the fifth one for $3,000 (an old Macy's account) is still in limbo.

As for my $220,000 worth of student loans, that is in a forbearance with the Direct Loan program and I intend to take another year-long forbearance. Next pay period has an 18 day span until -- I get paid twice a month on the 10th and 25th, unless those dates fall on a weekend or holiday and then it is moved forward.

Assuming my Federal and D.C. tax refunds arrive, I will actually have an extra $1,300 -- which I was going to use to pay my rent a month early and then take the "savings" the following month to FINALLY rejoin the gym. At least that's the plan.


Time for Daylight Scamming

Lastly, it's that annual time for frickin' "Daylight Saving Time" with the clocks "springing ahead" one hour at 2AM Sunday, thus shortening the weekend by an hour.

Daylight saving time was designed for an American (and British) hybrid of moralistic and commercial reasons that -- whatever else you may say about it -- has NOTHING to do with "saving energy."


We DO NOT need to "jump ahead" a stupid hour for now 8 months of the year, and be given a bullshit reason.

Pretty soon we will be on daylight saving time year-round and then there will be the need for another hour adjustment for part of the year as a "super daylight savings" time and we will be given some bullshit reason for that.

Designed to help the corporate overclass amass more money through some Goldman Sachs - run asset bubble Ponzi scheme, it will be christened "American Patriots and Family Values Gathering Time" or something stupid like that.

You can sell that bullshit to Americans ALL DAY LONG.

As for the daylight savings time reminder, like clockwork we were sent an e-mail that included a comment on how we should be appreciative because it "saves energy." I am actually going to mention this to the COO -- he works in the same office as me and is a very nice guy. I doubt this will change the e-mail message next year.


Lest we end on a bad note ...

A lovely image of snow-capped forested mountains towering above a lakeside house near the remote hamlet of Heron, Montana (is there any other kind of hamlet in Montana??).

Meet me in Montana, Chris?


OK, that's all for now. My next planned update will be on Monday or Tuesday.


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