Thursday, February 23, 2012

On The Road to Nowhere -OR- Midweek Malaise

"The Road to Carina ..."

... that was the title of this Feb. 18, 2012 APOD showing the Great Carina Nebula and other celestial wonders as seen from the waterless wastes of Chile's Atacama Desert on a rocky-sandy road stretching toward Cerro Armazones and future sight of the 40-meter European Extremely Large Telescope.

The other features of this southern stretch of the Milky Way into the Southern Hemisphere sky are labelled. And within the Carina Nebula is the great and mysterious Eta Carina star system.


I had planned to update this blog tonight but I just ran out of time.

As it is, I'm feeling rather anti/unsocial this week and (aside from going to work and trying to finish a big West Virginia compliance report) I am just hunkered down. And looking flabby and old and feeling depressed at the path of my life.

I'm so tired of being poor and always living paycheck to paycheck. Given that hitting the lottery is not an option, and that I have no forthcoming inheritances, the only option open to me is to write a novel that folks will want to read.

I have plans for tomorrow evening so I may not be able to update this blog until Friday night or Saturday. This just isn't a good week for blogging for me -- but it's not like anyone will notice, given my readership levels.