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Blue Light, Election, and Leap Day Specials

Updated 6:45PM 2/29/2012 for Rainy Leap Day records.

The view from the 2000 block of New Hampshire Ave. NW looking southwestward -- toward the intersection of 16th and U Streets and (lost in the distance) Dupont Circle about 3/4 of a mile beyond. -- on a brilliant, mildish late winter's day, Washington, D.C., 2:20PM, Feb. 26, 2012. That is my apt. building on the left side of the image.

The pictures in this were mostly taken on Sunday and do not really relate to the topic of the entry. Oh, and I actually posted the entry shortly after midnight, Feb. 29th, Leap Year Day 2012.


Well, I had intended to post a big entry tonight but it is as I start to write this already quarter after nine at night (Feb. 28th) and I'm just not in the mood to write. I'm home watching TV -- sort of flipping back and forth between MSNBC coverage of the Michigan (and Arizona) Republican primary(ies)and reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond on TV Land.

A blue flood light in the clovers growing next to the edge of the small field of the Marie Reed Community Center at the corner of California Street and 18th Street NW, Washington, D.C., 2:27PM, Feb. 26, 2012.

This was most likely a PAR30 or PAR38 Halogen, CFL, or LED blue flood light -- or more properly, flood lamp inside a blue casing -- like this or this.

These really should be called "lamps" rather than "bulbs" -- just like the lights in lighting fixtures are really "lamps."


Updated: As of 1030PM, MSNBC declared Romney the winner. It appears he will squeak edge out Rick Santorum with about a 5 percentage point win, who for his part probably would have won if the election were last week but he couldn't help his nutty Catholic stuff with all the culture war crap, re-fighting battles over contraception and whatnot that really were settled 50 years ago.

The 1800 block of S Street NW -- including the small, warm yellow colored one at 1823 -- Washington, D.C., 4:38PM, Feb. 26, 2012.


If you want to hear what the sound of the GOP establishment panicking is like, read David Brooks piece from earlier today (Tuesday). As for Romney, it's surprising watching what a clueless 1%'er parody he turned out to be, not to mention the fact the media are starting to view him as they (unfairly) viewed Al Gore -- a serial prevaricator.

The exterior of the house at 2131 S Street NW, Washington, D.C., 5:49PM, Feb. 26, 2012. This is in the Kalorama neighborhood just west of Connecticut Avenue.


A 4 to 5 percentage point  Romney win is probably just at the edge where Santorum can claim a moral victory, such as it were, in Romney's home state, while Romney can demonstrate that in this chaotic primary, he but it also shows that in this chaotic Republican primary season, he can at least win his home state and the Republican Establishment was able to keep the GOP primary barbarians at bey.

Oh, yes, it appears that Michael Moore's "Operation Hilarity" in Michigan didn't really make a big difference.

The dome of the Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle with a serene evening blue sky as backdrop and bathed in low-angled orange sunset light.

Yes, I stopped in St. Matthews before the 5:30PM Sunday mass, but I did not stay. Even without the fraudulent Father, er, Monsignor James D. Watkins -- he moved his all-gay Chita Rivera and the Kiss of the Spider Woman revue over to Immaculate Conception Catholic Church at 8th and N Street, even has he schemes to be a cardinal -- it is still a silly operatic show with either dyspeptic old closeted or excessively charismatic young gay men in drag.

The interior side of the dome of St. Matthew's Cathedral, looking at St. Matthew himself, Washington, D.C., 5:09PM, Feb. 26, 2012.


BTW, Glenn Greenwald has a good piece in Salon about retired Gen. Barry McCaffrey giving his "analysis" to NBC News on the "imminent" likelihood of war with Iran -- including a possible preemptive Israeli nuclear strike on Iran's nuclear facilities. It includes a link to a scanned copy of a recent leaked "secret" PPT presentation McCaffrey gave to NBC News execs entitled Iran, Nukes, & Oil: The Gulf Confrontation.

Another view of St. Matthew's Cathedral, 5:23PM, Feb. 26, 2012. This was just before the 5:30PM mass as I was leaving.


The point of this Greenwald piece is to reiterate the incredible but rarely-disclosed conflict-of-interest -- first noting by a New York Times series in 2008 -- among such retired generals (with McCaffrey at the top) giving their analyses (esp. on the Iraq war) even while participating in a Pentagon propaganda program AND benefiting from a vast array of military-industrial corporate interests.

In McCaffery's case, it was called his "Military-Industrial-Media Complex." Here was an excerpt from 2008 The New York Times series:

"Few illustrate the submerged complexities of this world better than Barry McCaffrey... General McCaffrey has immersed himself in businesses that have grown with the fight against terrorism...

"Many retired officers hold a perch in the world of military contracting, but General McCaffrey is among a select few who also command platforms in the news media and as government advisers on military matters. These overlapping roles offer them an array of opportunities to advance policy goals as well as business objectives. But with their business ties left undisclosed, it can be difficult for policy makers and the public to fully understand their interests.

"On NBC and in other public forums, General McCaffrey has consistently advocated wartime policies and spending priorities that are in line with his corporate interests. But those interests are not described to NBC's viewers. He is held out as a dispassionate expert, not someone who helps companies win contracts related to the wars he discusses on television."

Uh oh ... It's Wall-P and he's about to talk... 

"Eh. Eh. Ehehehe. As long as client and shareholder value are increased, there is no conflict of interest. It's enough to have full disclosure on a website. Sunshine is it own disinfectant. Government that governs least governs best -- "

Oh, shut up, Wall-P. Who pushed your button? Just because the Dow went over 13,000 on Tuesday for the first time in nearly 4 years doesn't mean we want your input on this.


Anyway, here are some more pictures from Sunday ...

The equestrian statue of Civil War Union Army Major General John A. Logan in Logan Circle, Washington, D.C., as seen at late winter dusk, 5:38PM, Feb. 26, 2012.

Logan Circle was originally named Iowa Circle until 1930, when it was renamed, although I believe the statue has been there since 1901. (Oh, yes, Dupont Circle used to be Pacific Circle until 1882.) Interestingly, Paul K. Williams, a local D.C. historian friend of mine from some years ago has written about this on his House History blog recently.

Another evening scene of Logan Circle, Washington, D.C., 5:39PM, Feb. 26, 2012.

BTW, Logan International Airport in Boston is NOT named for Gen John A. Logan but rather for Lieutenant (and later Major) General Edward Lawrence Logan, who was in the Spanish American War and later World War I.


The houses at 1431 (left) and 1429 (right) Vermont Avenue NW, Washington, D.C., 5:41PM, Feb. 26, 2012.

I was walking to Nellie's when I took this image. I seem to have spent a lot of time there this past weekend. 


OK, that's all for now. It is now Feb. 29th -- Leap Year Day. I wanted to note that I changed my Arcturus blog URL. I may discuss this a bit more in my next entry, which I plan to post sometime between Thursday night and Saturday afternoon.


UPDATED 6:45PM 2/29/2012: Record-Rainy Leap Day* in the Baltimore/Washington Area

Above is an image of the Google Doodle for today, Feb. 29, 2012 -- Leap Day. It is a double reference to the 220th birthday of the composer Gioachino Rossini and to the fact it is Leap Day, hence the frogs. But given the wet weather in the D.C. area, it is triply relevant here.

Here was the LWX NWS radar -- newly updated with its polarized beam features -- in base mode reflectivity at 8:34AM EST, Feb. 29, 2012.

I just wanted to update this blog to note that it was a very rainy morning and another batch of heavy rain is about to move into the D.C. area. Indeed, I had to slog to work in the rain with my crummy little umbrella and my lap top. The lap top was wrapped inside two plastic bags and enclosed in my old Census 2010 bag and the whole thing inside my book bag. The book bag got wet because my umbrella is so small.

Here was the LWX NWS radar in base mode reflectivity at 10:13AM EST, Feb. 29, 2012.

The rain stopped by about noon and was a chilly, wet, overcast day thereafter. National Airport had 1.12" of needed precipitation through 5PM today. Meanwhile, BWI had 1.03" and 0.99" at IAD through 5PM, both of which are daily records* and all have more to come. 

* As you can see, these are rather low daily records. Because it is the quadrennial Leap Day, and the historical record is only one-quarter a long as the actual full record, the daily records are quite low. The BWI previous record was 0.92" set also in 1892 (a pre-BWI Baltimore record) and Dulles (whose entire record only go back to about 1960, meaning there has only been 14 Leap Days in its record) was just 0.51" set in 1968. 

DCA would need to reach 1.62" to break its daily record of 1.61" -- set also in 1892 (a pre-DCA Washington, D.C., record).

Here was the LWX NWS radar in base mode reflectivity a short while ago at 6:11PM EST, Feb. 29, 2012.


As for tonight, another batch of rain ins moving in:

Here is the Sterling (LWX) County Warning Area map showing advisories as of 6:15PM EST tonight, Feb. 29, 2012.


I am heading home tonight and not bringing the lap top home. Thus, no extra blogging tonight. I think I'll just stop at a bar and have a drink before going home.


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