Monday, January 9, 2012

A Light Fall of Winter Snow AND Trippin' Through REM Dream Land

A (slightly cropped version of) sublimely lovely image of the early morning lunar eclipse on Dec. 10, 2011 as seen over the snow-blanketed Colorado Rockies. This was the Dec. 24, 2011 APOD.

I think there is a full Moon tonight, except it is overcast here in the mid-Atlantic tonight, so I can't see it.


Oooh, I'm fat.

I now jiggle, and not in a good way. And if that makes you giggle, I'm happy. Perhaps this is why I love hippos so much.

Speaking of which, I am delighted with the plush hippos on my bed. They are very good.

OK, this entry was intended to be a quick update this Monday night, but in the end (as usual) it ran much longer than I anticipated.

Just some of the many discarded Christmas trees I've seen around the Dupont area -- these on the 1900 block of New Hampshire Ave., NW, Washington, D.C., 9:57PM, Jan. 8, 2012.

Once the 12th day of Christmas was over (Jan. 5th or 6th, depending on how it is reckoned liturgically), all the live now dead and discarded Christmas trees appeared on sidewalks all over the city.


This Monday turned out to be a good day -- nothing happened about which I was worried. I'm still not done two of the three compliance case reports for Long Beach, but I made good progress on the second one and the third one will essentially be a carbon copy of it, making it a much faster process to write.

I'm actually going to work on the report at home more tonight as soon as I post this entry.


The view walking home -- also in the 1900 block of New Hampshire Ave., NW, looking toward the 16th and U Street intersection, Washington, D.C., 6:30PM, Jan. 9, 2012.

The dark blocky building on the other side of it is my apartment building.


Speaking of tonight, I'm home thoroughly ensconced in my wee efficiency watching the Monday night line-up of reruns of The Golden Girls, although Frasier is on later. I simply cannot tune into the news / commentary shows, even the ones on MSNBC and listen to any more about the GOP primary process.

The view from my office during the first of a couple bursts of semi-unexpected moderate snowfall in the Washington, D.C., area today. This picture was taken at 1:51PM, Jan. 9, 2012.

Yes, this is the view from my office. If I were in the wing of that other wing of the building, I would have a terrific, full-on view of the nearby Washington Monument, but from my office, alas, I can only see its reflection.

Here was the LWX NWS radar in base reflectivity mode at 1:44PM EST, Jan. 9, 2012.


The reason for this entry is that I wanted to note that we had our first official measurable snow in the Washington, D.C. area today as a wave of low pressure passed across North Carolina but the system and its associated precipitation shield crept farther north than anticipated and it was about 6F colder than forecasted with sufficiently low thicknesses and -- voila -- there was snow.

Here was the LWX NWS radar in base reflectivity mode at 4:44PM EST, Jan. 9, 2012. This was during the second wave of snow -- its radar signature virtually identical to the first one three hours earlier.


Sterling LWX was seemingly beside itself in its discussions, trying to downplay -- with nonstop blather about how the "column will saturate" at a dew point just above 32F and the snow would quickly change to rain -- except it never did. I also think given the driving situation and general panic that erupts around here in any snow, esp. as it occurred at rush hour, I would have raised a winter weather advisory.

But Sterling LWX crew (think WOODY!) are adamant about following the highly precise rules for these things for our "CWA" (county warning area), so no advisories.

Sterling (LWX) snow total forecast for the region through 7PM EST Jan. 9, 2012 -- auto-generated by the LWX website at 6:37PM EST (that is, 23 minutes before the end of the period and thus highly accurate).


The updated 1/09/2012 airport climate station amounts were as follows: 0.6" of snow at Reagan Washington Reagan National Reagan Airport (DCA*), the first measurable snowfall of this 2011 - 2012 season while Dulles Airport (IAD) had 0.5" of snow and BWI Airport received 0.4" of snow.

*Note: The Oct. 28 - 29, 2011 snowfall event, which buried parts of New England, "officially" produced a trace at DCA, so it did not count as a measurable snowfall.

Snow total map for the NWS Sterling county warning area (CWA) for Jan. 9, 2012 as reported by various spotters. Click on the image for larger version.


Around the area, 1 to 2 inches fell in the cultural-purgatorial agony that is the Northern Virginia suburbs and exurbs. This includes 2" in Manassas. Baileys X-Roads had 1.2" and Culpeppa' -- actually, it's "Culpeper" (no double "p" though many people incorrectly spell it "Culpepper") -- had 0.6".

In suburban Maryland, parts of Prince George's Co. had up to 1" while Montgomery Co. in general had trace to 0.5". Here in D.C., there was a slushy coating.

There is another weather event for Wednesday into Thursday that may feature frozen precip. at the outset followed by 1"+ of rainfall.


I need an Alka-Seltzer. BTW, they are more fun to drink if you plop-plop, fizz-fizz the two tablets into water that is very warm, almost hot. The furious geyser of warm bubbles goes up your nose and is fun.

Say, what's the difference between Alka-Seltzer and a Bromo-Seltzer? 

I couldn't find it online straightaway.


"Dream Variations" (yes, I borrowed the title from a Langston Hughes poem) ...

I had a strange dream involving Mikey, a.k.a., Toucan Sam -- that would be Mr. Sirius's (ex?) boyfriend -- this morning.

It was during that frenetic REM sleep that occurs just before I have to finally and with much agony get up during the week.

In the dream, I was going up a stone flight of stairs outdoors (no, not the above ones, but I like the picture of it I took last May) in some strange place. Mikey was on the steps above me, and I intentionally fell down in front of him. When I got up, he said, "I don't care," and so I smacked him. He lunged at me -- except it was Mr. Sirius. Then I woke up.

Now what could that mean?

OK, that's all for now.

Oh, yes, I have that small claims case on Wednesday morning for one of my credit card debts (my third visit there), except I already settled on it for 60 about percent of the debt, and have made 2 of the five payments, so this is more pro forma filing papers. 

However, I really don't think I should skip a court date where I am the subject of the proceedings -- even if it is the Wednesday morning credit card debtor frenzy when D.C. Small Claims and Conciliation Branch at Joo-dish-yoo-whary Square turns into a Greyhound bus terminal for the American loser - debtor - defaulted class

After this, there may be one additional case but that one continues to drift about in the ether.

I may not update this blog for several days.


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