Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Le Voyage dans la Larry's Lounge -OR- Crêpe Chautauqua (UPDATED)

Updated 1130PM 1/31/2012: Please see bottom of entry.

Iconic image from the 1902 movie "Le Voyage dans la lune" ("A Trip to the Moon").


Tonight sorta got all topsy-turvey, but mostly in a good way. 

I originally intended to stay home and watch the Monday night lineup of of reruns of The Golden Girls on We TV and Frasier on Hallmark Channel ... but then I went to Larry's Lounge to meet Kristof and a new friend (John) for two drinks, and that naturally ended 3+ hours with a festive crowd of regulars. And I learned (from G's French cookbook) what are Crêpe Suzette ...

I then walked home around 11:30PM -- and I think I dodged a mugging involving a car with new tags and young thugs sort of waiting at the corner of Florida Ave. and U Street, NW. Now I could have been totally wrong but I wasn't going to test that hypothesis ... nor have a Chautauqua about diversity and cultural expectations.

Oct. 23, 2010 APOD image of the constellation Orion (here flipped "upright").

Changing subjects, I am now home watching a rerun of The Golden Girls, specifically, Journey to the Center of Attention in which Dorothy sings one of my favorite songs, "What'll I Do?"

Here is the YouTube link.

By the way, the late Margaret Gillespie (Meg) Wyllie was in at least three episodes of The Golden Girls.

Screenshot of Meg Wyllie in The Golden Girls episode "Mother Lode."

She was also in the ORIGINAL PILOT EPISODE of Star Trek: The Original Series as one of the Talosians. I find that amazing. 

However, she never actually spoke (and this episode was never shown in its full and distinct form on televsion until 1988.)  This was a pre-Captain Kirk episode.

Wyllie was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on Feb. 15, 1917 and died Jan. 1, 2002 in Glendale, Calif.


Changing topics ...

Alas, I did not go back and re-post missing (red X) images -- see previous blog entry for explanation.

Earlier, my work day was quite busy as I am doing two tasks for the Federal client.

Random image: Tropical rainforest on Fatu-Hiva in the Southern Marquesas of the South Pacific.


OK, that's all for now.

G'night, hippo.


Updated 11:30PM 1/31/2012:

So tonight I went back through my blog entries tonight all the way to late Aug. 2009 and there was only one missing image I needed to update.

It may be the case that the Blogger 3.bp image directory was simply "off line" for a while and is now back. The first truly missing image I have is in my Aug. 25, 2009 entry and that I one I simply do not have any longer.


"Oh, the Merry-Go-Round broke down / And it made the darndest sound!"

Alas, Crazy Newt was soundly beaten by Willard Mitt Romney (46.4% to 31.9%) in an election marked by a noticeably lower turnout than in 2008. And mega - multi-millionaire Mitt now apparently believes he is already President-Elect. Jackass. But as Steve Kornacki points out in a his column tonight, Newt's chances will rise and fall on that billionaire casino mogul's money and what the Confederacy masses vote in their GOP primaries in early March.

Of note, some recent polls -- including the notoriously Republican-tilted Rasmussen -- show Obama pulling ahead of Romney in a match up even while his approval has clicked over 50%. As ever, the actual outcome is going to depend heavily on perceptions of how the economy is doing in the 3 to 6 months before the election.


A couple of Pearls Before Swine strips ...

Jan. 25, 2012 strip -- click for larger version.

Jan. 31, 2012 strip -- click for larger version.


Weather-wise, it reached 66F at DCA and IAD and 63F at BWI. The IAD number was a daily record high. The January 2012 average temperature at DCA was +4.7F (updated) while BWI and IAD were +5.4F and +4.5F, respectively.

OK, that ends the update. I'm going to try to update the blog tomorrow.  


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