Thursday, December 1, 2011

Midweek Market & Blog Gyrations -OR- Welcome to Political and Climatological Winter

A parody of the Sistine Chapel ceiling taken by way of Paul Krugman's blog from GQ on the "Actual Debt Ceiling" as part of its "least influential moment of the year." 

Yes, that is Paul Krugman's likeness at the 10 o'clock position. And, yes, this illustraation is by Victor Juhasz, who has done the drawings accompanying various Matt Taibbi Rolling Stone articles in the past few years on the economy-collapsing multi-trillion-dollar criminality of Wall Street bankers.


I wanted to update this blog tonight but I'm just so tired and I've been watching the new season premier tonight on TV Land of Hot in Cleveland and debut of The Execs. Therefore, in lieu of an entry, I'll just post a few political 'toons I found along with one news item of note couched in political commentary.

Rigged U.S. Stock Market Skyrockets Weds. Over 4% On Largely Irrelevant Plan to Save Euro & Its "Malignant Lunacy"

Overview here

Oligarchical 1%er market manipulation prompts clueless Americans to enjoy one-day surge in chimerical wealth; Dumb small investors praise GOD, selves for "smart money savvy"

Wall-P views Quicken spreadsheets and declares,  

I was planning on having an additional Dialogue With Wall-P in this entry, but opted to omit it for now. 


Ha ha


Quotable Quote: WaHoPo Op-Ed "Belly of the Beast"

Glenn Greenwald wrote brilliantly about the WaHoPo Editorial Writer and D.C. power establishment-worshiping but otherwise bad-tempered old cow Ruth "Mother" Marcus and her shrewish and silly column condemning 18-year old Emma Sullivan for her tweets against Kansas Gov. Sam Blowback, er, Brownback. An excerpt of that piece is below.

WaHoPostie Ruth "Mother" Marcus is (appropriately) on right.

"The only question at this point is whether Marcus — who is married to an actual censor, Jon Leibowitz, the Chairman of the Federal Trade Commission — is driven more by drooling authoritarianism or gross hypocrisy. The Washington Post Op-Ed page is truly the belly of the beast of America’s rotted media discourse."

Full article here.

All we need is Ben Wittes and Sebastian Mallaby to show up and start spewing their usual bullshit, partying as if it were 1998 - 2002.

As for Wittes (pictured here), Deep Thinking Legal Scholar Defender of Corporate Oligarchies and Torture as an Instrument of State, not to mention still obsessed with Monica's Dress, he's a total coward when it comes to Greenwald -- he refuses to debate him because the latter has said mean things about him.

This from an editorial writer whose big 1990s shtick was "Let [fill in the rightwinger's name, usually Clarence Thomas] speak..." when [rightwinger] was not invited to speak at some (liberal) place. What a thin-skinned jackass.


A few more political cartoons ...

Click on image for larger / more legible version




OK, that's about all for now. I will try to update this blog on Friday evening, although it may not be until the weekend. Of note, it is now December 1st, the start of climatological (as opposed to astronomical) winter in the Northern Hemisphere.


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